Vicharan Report

8 February 1999 : Monday (Maha vad 8), Vidyanagar, Anand

This evening Swamishri went to Anand for the Suvarna Tula (gold-weighing ceremony) of Harikrishna Maharaj. The devotees of Anand, as a token of their devotion and dedication, had enthusiastically arranged this celebration. The occasion inspired a spirit of devotion and sacrifice in ordinary devotees.

As Swamishri entered a number of youths carried Harikrishna Maharaj in a palanquin decorated with flowers. Swamishri followed with humility and reverence for the Lord. The assembly commenced and climaxed with the weighing of Harikrishna Maharaj with gold. Finally Swamishri blessed the enthusiastic devotees, "Congratulations to all the devotes of Anand, Vidyanagar and other neighbouring towns.

Lord Swaminarayan stayed at Dada Khachar's house for thirty years because of his profound love and devotion. He did not stay anywhere during his 7-year sojourn in spite of wealth and kingdoms offered to Him. God is bound only by the chords of love and devotion. Today your feelings are one of deep devotion. You have lovingly weighed Harikrishna Maharaj with gold.

"God is all-powerful and the all-doer. It is He who has given us gold, diamonds and other precious metals. We get them through His grace and wish and we should offer it to please Him. Harikrishna Maharaj is pleased upon you all today. And may His blessings remain forever with you, your family and society. And may God give you many, many returns.."

Today, 8,000 devotees and well wishers had attended and offered their devotion to Harikrishna Maharaj.

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