This summer, devotees from across North America gathered at BAPS Swaminarayan Mandirs to participate in a Satsang Shibir themed "Andar Akshardham," meaning building ‘Akshardham’ within oneself by cultivating virtues that lead to a deeper, more steadfast connection to one’s faith. The event underscored the significance of imbibing the values of faith and thoughts of "prapti" (what we have attained) by contemplating on the glory of God and Guru.

On the first day of the shibir, senior Swamis led insightful sessions that emphasized the importance of aahnik (daily rituals) in a devotee’s life, helping devotees maintain a spiritual connection throughout their day. They also highlighted the significance of being consistent with one's niyam dharma (personal vows and religious duties), as it fortifies one's spiritual discipline. On the second day, senior Swamis delved into the concepts of shraddha (faith), nishtha (firm belief), and vishwas (trust) as essential means to attaining fulfillment through thoughts of prapti. The sessions encompassed clear as well as entertaining skits and videos, providing an understanding of how we handle worldly challenges and how to adjust perspective and frame of mind.

During the shibir, devotees engaged in case studies that spotlighted the lives of prominent devotees from the time of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, such as Shivlal Sheth, Sura Khachar, Atmanand Swami, and Vagha Khachar, all exemplifying virtues discussed in the shibir. Through these narratives, attendees learned practical ways to incorporate these principles into their daily lives that can help reinforce their spiritual journey and connection to God and Guru.

The second day of the shibir also focused on celebrating 50 years of BAPS in North America. Devotees took a deep dive into the history of BAPS in North America, exploring the various festivals celebrated, key milestones achieved, and the enduring guidance provided by Pramukh Swami Maharaj and Mahant Swami Maharaj. The sessions highlighted how their leadership has been instrumental in spreading BAPS' messages and fostering virtues of unity, faith, compassion and understanding. The sessions also highlighted the fact that despite 50 years of growth, the spiritual leaders of BAPS always emphasized inner, personal growth as the true mark of success.

Throughout the shibir, devotees were inspired by the blend of spiritual reflections and teachings, which emphasized the continuous journey of faith and devotion.

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