An open house can be associated with many things—selling a property, hosting a social gathering, or visiting a child’s school to meet educators and administrators. However, the underlying purpose is the same: opening one’s doors to others to share a better idea of what is inside. In this spirit, BAPS Mandirs across North America held BAPS Doors Open, an open house-style event to introduce members of the greater community to a wide range of BAPS activities, traditions, and teachings.
Doors Open attendees walked between various exhibits including a video station showcasing a short film about Hinduism, a cultural station featuring Indian music and dance, an informational booth describing BAPS and BAPS Charities activities including upcoming health fairs, blood drives, and walkathons, and a finger foods table sampling various vegetarian delicacies. Visitors also had an opportunity to tour the Mandir and speak with local devotees about upcoming events open to the community.
The variety of visitors included neighbors, local businesses, school teachers, community organizations, municipal officials and other members of the community who may never have visited the Mandir without such an event. The cultural exchange provided a platform for the community to come together to further learn about the core values and traditions of Hinduism and the importance of Mandirs in helping preserve and pass on timeless values, teachings, and traditions to future generations.  Doors Open is one of many community outreach events inspired by His Holiness Mahant Swami Maharaj, the spiritual leader and continuing inspiration behind BAPS’ spiritual and community activities.

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