As a part of the BAPS Year of the Volunteer an adhiveshan for satsang Activity Sanyojaks, Nirdeshaks sand Nirikshaks was held. These senior cadres of volunteers participated in three competitions: (1) Triprasang Varnan (2) Nirupan and (3) Prashnottari (satsang-related and activity-related questionnaire).

The preliminary regional adhiveshan was held at five venues on 13 September 2009. These were: Saurashtra Region at Rajkot, North Gujarat at Ahmedabad, Charotar at Anand, Central Gujarat at Atladra and South Gujarat at Surat.

The final adhiveshan was held on 26 and 27 September 2009 at two venues: Saurashtra, North Gujarat and Charotar Regions at Anand, and Central Gujarat and South Gujarat at Surat.

In total, 310 senior volunteers participated. They were separated into rural and city sections and further divided into Ghanshyam and Nilkanth groups for both the adhiveshans.

As a result of this adhiveshan, the senior volunteers developed their oratory skills and gained a deeper knowledge of satsang.

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