Vicharan Report

Balanced advice
5 February 2010, Gandhinagar

A youth from abroad explained to Swamishri about his quarrelsome parents. He said that they quarrelled with each other often. Furthermore, his mother’s nature was such that she became depressed very frequently and always advised him again and again on trifle things. The youth added that he was distraught and could not concentrate in his studies. And because of the strained atmosphere in his house he had failed his exams in the last three years. The youth asked Swamishri as to what he should do. He further explained that if he continued staying home, he would have to bear with his parent’s rows, and on the other hand he could not stay elsewhere because he did not have any money to support himself.
Swamishri blessed him and advised, “No matter what happens, let them (parents) say what they want, but learn to keep your mind stable. Do not be affected by your parent’s words and do not dislike them either. If at present you wish to study away from home, you can live at our mandir. In this way you can be away from home and you can visit them whenever you wish.”
The student felt blessed and happy with Swamishri’s wonderful advice.

A child’s amazing request
6 February 2010, Gandhinagar

A child asked Swamishri during a personal audience, “May I become a devotee like you and inspire all in my home to follow satsang.”
Swamishri was pleased at his request and replied, “Study well. Bow and touch the feet of your parents daily, serve them and come to satsang. Do your puja and mala properly.” Swamishri precribed the way to become an ideal devotee.

12 February2010 (VS 2066, Maha Shivratri) Friday, Gandhinagar, Kishore Day
Swamishri performed the pratishtha rituals of puja and arti of the murtis for the BAPS hari mandir in Bavla.

14 February 2010 (VS 2066, Darsh Amas) Sunday, Gandhinagar,Children’s Day
In the evening Children’s Day assembly children performed a traditional dance. Thereafter, Swamishri was honoured with garlands. Volunteers then performed a drama “Krutarth”. In conclusion, Swamishri blessed the assembly. 

Himmatnagar Mandir Shilanyas Mahotsav

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