Vicharan Reports


18 March 2008, (V.S. 2064, Sud Baras) Bhavnagar, Sarangpur
Yesterday morning Swamishri had enquired of Rishubha’s health. He expressed a wish to see him and bless him. This morning, Rishubha, who was not keeping well, was brought to the mandir. Swamishri blessed him and said, “Bapu, all these years you have profoundly engaged yourself in doing satsang. Like Ramsang Bapu you have done satsang with great courage. Now nothing more remains to be done. May you be in the service of Maharaj. Do bhajan of Maharaj and do not engage your mind in anything else. Like Ramsang Bapu who is in the service of (Maharaj), you too shall sit in God’s service.” (A couple of days later, on 20 March, Rishubha passed away). See detailed story of Rishubha’s transformation and dedication to Satsang on page 20. At 10.30 am Swamishri departed from Bhavnagar and arrived in Sarangpur at 12.00 noon.  

Brahmaswarup Pragji Bhakta Janma Jayanti Celebration

 27 March 2008, (V.S. 2064, Vad Pancham) Sarangpur
Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha rituals of pujan and arti for three BAPS hari mandirs in Raipur (district: Gandhinagar), Nirnaynagar and Chandlodiya (suburbs of Ahmedabad).


31 March 208, Sarangpur
Swamishri was reading letters from devotees. Shri Natvarbhai Patel, a devotee of Pannavada village of Sabarkantha district, had sent a note and site maps of his two farms. In his letter he had asked as to where he should bore the ground for water. After reading his letter and seeing the site maps Swamishri thought for some time. Before he could decide he was interrupted with a request to sanctify the newly built residential accommodations for devotees on the mandir precincts. Swamishri placed the letter aside to sanctify the buildings. On returning, Swamishri took the same letter in hand and read it again. Then Swamishri once again looked at the site map. The devotee had informed that the water level beneath one of his farm lands was nearly exhausted. He was drawing water from a common well on his second farm which was adjacent to his first one. Swamishri replied, “Since there is no water in his first farm, he should bore the ground around the common well (in his second farm).” To resolve this seemingly minor problem, Swamishri patiently spent twenty minutes.


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