Vicharan Reports


15 April 2008 (V.S. 2064, Sud 10)
Before puja, Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha rituals of pujan and arti of the murtis for a new hari mandir in Padvadar.

28 Patotsav of Shri Yagnapurush Smruti Mandir


20 April 2008, Smruti Mandir Patotsav (V.S. 2064, Akshar Purnima)
Today marked the 27th patotsav of Yagnapurush Smruti mandir, built over the cremation spot of Brahmaswarup Shastriji Maharaj.
Swamishri performed the pujan of Shastriji Maharaj’s murti and then the patotsav arti.
After his morning puja, Swamishri blessed the assembly, “Maharaj’s arrival in this village has made it pure. Wherever God stays becomes a place of pilgrimage. Maharaj went to Dwarika, Jagannathpuri, Rameshwar and other places, and so they are all places of pilgrimage. Similarly, Maharaj stayed here and celebrated festivals, so it has become a pilgrim place.
“The great benefit for us is that this is our last birth. There will be no need to come on this earth again. We will go to Akshardham. There is no need to question ‘What will happen now?’ ‘How will it happen?’, etc. We have attained Maharaj and his Sadhu, Shastriji Maharaj, so we are liberated.”

21 April 2008, (V.S. 2064, Chaitra Vad Padvo)
The world’s leading musical fountain and water show creator Yves Pepin of France, came for Swamishri’s darshan. With him were team members John Jossifakis and James Thomson. After puja, Swamishri welcomed them with garlands. They had visited Delhi and Gandhinagar Akshardhams and were touched by the simplicity of Swamishri’s and the sadhus’ lifestyles. Yves pepin commented, “However big the shows I do they are temporary. When the show finishes everything ends. But Akshardham is eternal. All my shows are for entertainment, but the shows you do are inspiring.”
28 Patotsav of Shri Yagnapurush Smruti Mandir



Diksha Din

23 April 2008 Diksha Day (V.S. 2064, Vad Trij)
Over 8,000 devotees were present in Swamishri’s morning puja. The diksha mahapuja was performed during Swamishri’s puja. Thereafter, Swamishri initiated 21 parshads into the sadhu-fold and 30 sadhaks into the parshad-fold. As each youth approached Swamishri to receive diksha and the guru mantra, Swamishri blessed them with some words of special guidance. Finally, Swamishri blessed the assembly, “Parents happily give their only sons whom they have raised and educated… They gladly present them at the feet of God… for this they will gain many merits and blessings. “Sadhus serve to raise the awareness of dharma in the country, free thousands from addictions, help thousands shed bad habits, and encourage people to observe niyams and walk the spiritual path. The sadhus will serve society, the country and God and gain liberation for their atma. “To observe the niyams of a sadhu, please God and guide thousands onto the path of God requires courage. Such courage has been shown by the parents and by the sons. “The youths who become sadhus will truly become ekantik and will gain the strength to observe niyams and dharma, agna and upasana and please Maharaj.”

26 April 2008 (V.S. 2064, Vad Chhath)
Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha rituals of pujan and arti of the murtis for the hari mandir at Jam-Ambardi. 

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