Vicharan Reports


10 February 2007, (Vikram Samvat 2063, Vad 8) Saturday, Mumbai
Today, Swamishri was going to have his routine cardiac check up.
At 9.00 am Swamishri departed from Dadar Mandir after Thakorji’s darshan for his cardiac tests at Jaslok Hospital. Dr Ashwinbhai Mehta, Dr Kiranbhai Doshi, Dr K.N. Patel, Dr Panchal, Dr Sanjaybhai Patel, Dr Samirbhai and others were in Swamishri’s service. In the afternoon Swamishri was injected with the Thaliun dye and thereafter scanned with a nuclear imaging machine. At 4.30 pm Swamishri blessed the doctors and departed for Dadar Mandir. Thereafter Swamishri took a little rest. At 8.45 pm Swamishri had dinner and after a meeting retired for the night at 10.30 pm.
Overall the tests showed that Swamishri’s health was fine. The final results were to arrive after two days on Monday. In the afternoon the President of India H.E. Abdul Kalam had phoned to say that he too would pray to God for Swamishri’s health.
Devotees and dignitaries had prayed for Swamishri health.

11 February 2007, (Vikram Samvat 2063, Vad 9) Sunday, Mumbai
This morning the President rang to enquire about Swamishri’s health. During the 11 minute conversation he asked about Swamishri’s health and informed that he had done two malas and prayed to God for Swamishri’s good health.
Swamishri replied to the President, “Your prayers to God for me reflect your love and feelings. I too always pray for your good health and that God does good works through you. There is another thing I would like to say and that is the body becomes ill and well. It is through God’s will that the body gets ill or well, but I ask you to always pray that with this body may I be able to do good deeds.”
President: “Swamiji, you have done the greatest good for our nation. No one person has been able to unite so many minds, so much energy to create something like Akshardham. It is Swamiji, your greatest contribution to our nation, to human civilization.”
Swamishri: “It was done through God’s wish. It was done through the grace of Yogiji Maharaj and God. You are also pious and have faith in God, so may good works be done through you for our nation. Such works will be done by you that people will be happy and you too will have inner happiness.”
President: “Swamiji, Maha Pramukhji, you know I too remember you almost everyday. How? Not one day passes without someone coming to me and praising Akshardham. You have created the heritage of our civilization. Daily thousands visit Akshardham from our country and other countries. They all feel proud to be Indian and come out as fine human beings. You know not just me, the whole nation prays for you when you are ill. You will always be well because Akshardham constantly prays for you, all visitors pray for you. Also pray for me that I continue my little work of correcting things, of setting things right.”
At 8.10 pm the same day the President rang again to enquire about Swamishri’s health report. The President was told that the report would arrive on Monday. Then the President told Swamishri, “Maha Pramukhji, I know everything will be fine. There will be no problem. God will take care of you as he always does.”
Swamishri thanked the President for his care and concern and once again said that he would pray for his good health and continuing good works that he is doing. Then the President added, “Tell me Swamiji, when Swaminarayan is with you, who can be against you!”
Swamishri acknowledged the President’s care and love for him.

12 February 2007, (Vikram Samvat 2063, Vad 10) Monday, Mumbai
Today, Dr Ashwinbhai Mehta declared the reports to Swamishri on his Thalium test. He said that the reports were normal, and considering his age he should not take any extra strain or exert himself in his daily routine. He also advised that Swamishri should continue his daily routine of walking.

19 February 2007, (Vikram Samvat 2063, Sud 2) Monday, Mumbai
This morning Swamishri had a CT angio test at Dr Ajaybhai Thakkar’s Scan Centre. The result showed Swamishri’s heart was normal for his age.

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