Vicharan Reports

3 October 203 (V.S. 2059, Aso sud 8) Friday, Gadhada
Swamishri has made great efforts in increasing the beauty of Gadhada mandir. He has also made efforts to prevent the river Ghela and its surrounding area from becoming polluted. To increase the greenery on the banks of river Ghela, a small forest of 1500 trees called 'Pramukh Vatica' has been prepared. On the opposite bank 'Yagnapurush Upavan' consists of 2,700 neem saplings. Today a tree-planting program was arranged in the presence of Swamishri, State Ministers and dignitaries. First, an assembly was held in which a couple of dignitaries, Corporators and State Minister for Farming and Domestic Animals Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama praised the Sanstha's social services. In his blessings Swamishri said, "If we care and sustain trees, we will get to gain more . We cannot live without trees. Alongwith the government, religion organizations and social organizations should promote tree planting in appropriate places. Just as we take care in rearing our children, similarly, there is a great need to rear trees. They should be taken care of after planting them."
At 10.45 a.m., Swamishri and dignitaries went to the opposite bank of river Ghela. After Thakorji's pujan and singing of Shanti path, Swamishri performed pujan of the pit and sapling and then placed the sapling in the ground and poured water. Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama performed pujan of 'Yagnapurush Upavan' signboard. To maintain the growth and development of 2,700 saplings in the mini-forest, Swamishri instructed the sadhus to water the plants daily, to set up a fence to protect them and appoint a sentry to make regularly rounds.

5 October 2003 (V.S. 2059, Aso sud 10) Sunday, Gondal

Swamishri inaugurated the golden sinhasans in the five shrines of the mandir by performing pujan of murtis and sinhasans.

At 10.45 a.m. Swamishri performed the vastu pujan ceremony and inaugurated the newly built residential building for devotees in the mandir grounds. Then Swamishri sanctified the floors and rooms by showering flower petals.

6 October 2003 (V.S. 2059, Aso sud 11) Monday, Gondal; Teachers Convention
Swamishri blessed the evening assembly of 350 teachers and principals from schools in Gondal. Swamishri emphasized the need for moral and spiritual values in the education system. He also elaborated upon the duty of teachers to properly teach students in schools and not have the objective of earning more through tuitions. And further added that they should treat their students like their own children.

9 October 2003 (V.S. 2059, Aso sud 14) Thursday, Gondal; Gurukul Day

Students of BAPS Swaminarayan Gurukul, Gondal recited shlokas and kirtans during Swamishri's walking and presented a kirtan bhakti program in Swamishri's puja.

In the evening assembly, after Pujya Viveksagar Swami's speech, the Gurukul students performed a 'Mashal Nrutya' and presented a debate, 'Which is Superior: Study or Character?' Finally, Swamishri blessed the assembly.

10 October 2003 (V.S. 2059, Aso sud 15) Friday, Gondal; Sharad Punam Festival
The main evening assembly stage to commemorate Gunatitanand Swami's birthday festival was decorated with an impressive 52 ft high and 40 ft wide replica of Akshar Deri.
The assembly commenced at 8.00 p.m. and its theme of speeches delivered by Pujya Anandswarup Swami, Pujya Viveksagar Swami, Pujya Ishwarcharan Swami, Pujya Dr Swami and Pujya Mahant Swami was based on Gunatitanand Swami's virtues described in the kirtan, 'Sahajanandji sharan tamare rakho re ...'
Finally, Swamishri blessed the assembly of more than 14,000 devotees. The entire celebration was interspersed with five artis, two dramas - Transformation of Valera Varu and Uga Khuman traditional dances, inauguration of Swaminarayan Bal Prakash (colour, English edition) and honoring of Swamishri with garlands.
The assembly concluded at 11.30 p.m.

12 October 2003 (V.S. 2059, Aso vad 20 Sunday, Gondal
The morning satsang assembly was dedicated to the celebration of Jaga Swami's birthday. The senior sadhus praised the saintliness and services of Jaga Swami towards Gunatitanand Swami and love for Shastriji Maharaj. Finally, Swamishri blessed the assembly of 2,000 devotees.

15 October 2003 (V.S. 2059, Aso vad 5) Wednesday, Gondal

A school Day and Parents Day was held to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan High School in Gondal. The Women's Wing also celebrated it as Bhakti Day.

The special morning assembly commenced with a traditional dance by balaks. The Principal, Shri Krishna Pandya, narrated the brief history of the school and its progress and results. Then the school students enacted a story from Yogiji Maharaj's parables. After honoring Swamishri with a shawl and garlands, Swamishri blessed the assembly, stressing the importance of moral and spiritual character in today's educational curriculum.


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