Vicharan Reports

1 March 2002 (V.S. 2058, Maha vad 3) Friday, New Delhi
In the evening assembly, Swamishri chanted the Swaminarayan dhun for peace to prevail in the spate of communal violence in Gujarat.

2 March 2002 (V.S. 2058, Maha vad 4) Saturday, New Delhi
At 11.00 am, the Lt. Governor of New Delhi, Shri Vijay Kapoor, visited the Akshardham site. He was highly impressed by the quality and pace of construction of the Akshardham monument. He met Swamishri and expressed his joy about the construction work.

3 March 2002 (V.S. 2058, Maha vad 5) Sunday, New Delhi. Akshardham Dwarshakh Shila Pujan Ceremony
Swamishri performed his morning puja at the Akshardham site. The air was charged with divine vibrations for the landmark event in the presence of Swamishri.

The Dwarshakh shila pujan ceremony commenced at 9.15 am in the presence of Swamishri. Thakorji was placed on the base stone of the Dwarshakh to be. Swamishri chanted and performed the Vedic rituals of Swastivachan, pujan of Shri Harikrishna Mahraj, tying of nadachhadi, Nyasvidhi, Kalash pujan, Ganapati pujan, Surya pujan, Shodshopchar pujan of Shri Harikrishna Maharaj, chanting of Janmangal Namavali and showering of rice grains.

Then Swamishri performed pujan of the base stone of the Dwarshakh by sprinkling the holy water of Ganga and Yamuna, panchamrut, sandalwood water, turmeric water, etc. After performing arti, Swamishri chanted the Swaminarayan dhun for the success of the entire project and for peace to prevail in Gujarat.

Swamishri tied the nadachhadi to the Akshardham team members and poured cement around the carved base stone of the Dwarshakh. Then, Swamishri split the coconut on the base stone.

At 10.30 am, Swamishri performed the First Stone Laying Ceremony for the shikharbaddh mandir, a few furlongs from the Akshardham monument site. Thereafter, Swamishri performed the pujan of shilas for the Shilanyas of the shikharbaddh mandir in Jaipur. The Diwan of Bilada State and devotee Shri Madhavsinh Diwan also participated in the rituals and split the coconut.

Finally, an assembly was held on the Akshardham site where Swamishri addressed the devotees.

8 March 2002 (V.S. 2058, Maha vad 10) Friday, New Delhi, Atladra
Swamishri departed from New Delhi in the afternoon and arrived in Atladra by evening.

11 March 2002 (V.S. 2058, Maha vad 13) Monday, Atladra. Children's Day
In the evening assembly, children presented an agenda of speeches, monoacting, drama ('Swadhyayan Ma Pramadah') and dance. Finally Swamishri blessed the assembly.

12 March 2002 (V.S. 2058, Maha vad 14) Tuesday, Atladra
Thakorji and deities were adorned as Shivji and Parvatiji for the occasion of the consecration of Shri Sarveshwar Mahadev in Vadodara.
At 5.50 pm, Swamishri arrived at the lake called Sursagar in Vadodara to perform the murti pratishtha rituals of the 111 ft high murti of Shri Sarveshwar Mahadev. After the welcome ceremony by the Satyam Shivam Sundaram Trust members and leading dignitaries of Vadodara, Swamishri travelled by boat to the middle of the lake to perform the murti pratishtha ceremony. Around its base are eight beautiful pink sandstone murtis of Bhagwan Shiv. Out of the eight murtis, Swamishri performed the murti pratishtha of the central murti of Shri Shiv amidst Vedic chantings by Brahmin pundits of the four Vedas. Senior sadhus and dignitaries present during the rituals were: Pujya Mahant Swami, Pujya Tyagvallabh Swami, Collector of Vadodara Shri Bhagyesh Zha, Deputy Mayor Shri Shailesh Mehta, President of Satyam Shivam Sundaram Trust Shri Yogeshbhai Patel, etc.
After the pratishtha rituals, Swamishri performed pujan of all the murtis of Bhagwan Shiv and then circumambulated the murti in a boat.
On the banks of Sursagar more than 50,000 people, who had assembled for the ceremony, hailed the victory calls of Bhagwan Shiv. The entire bank of Sursagar had been decorated with lights and a firework display celebrated the installation ceremony.
At 7.15 pm, Swamishri and the dignitaries arrived at the banks of Sursagar for a brief assembly. The sculptor of Shri Sarveshwar Mahadev, Shri Maturam Verma, and technical staff were honored by Swamishri.
Shri Yogeshbhai Patel, President of Satyam Shivam Sundaram Committee, narrated the history of how the murti was made. Thereafter, the Committee presented a plaque for the dedication of the murti to the people of Vadodara to Swamishri. Swamishri offered it to Thakorji and then gave it to the members of the city municipality. Then Swamishri addressed the entire congregation. At 7.45 pm Swamishri, dignitaries and the entire assembly around the banks of the lake performed the maha-arti. Finally, Shri Ashvinbhai Shah gave the vote of thanks.

13 March 2002 (V.S. 2058, Maha vad 30) Wednesday, Atladra. Kishore Day
In the evening assembly, the kishores presented a debate and 'Ruchi Quiz' before Swamishri. Swamishri's participation in the Quiz enthused the kishores and the assembly. Finally, Swamishri addressed the assembly.

14 March 2002 (V.S. 2058, Maha vad 30) Thursday, Atladra. Annual Hostel Day Celebration
On the occasion of the 19th Annual Day celebration of Akshar Purushottam Chhatralay, the hostel students presented a variety of programs in the evening assembly. Speeches and narrations by the students were effectively presented. Two students mimed on the subject of 'Addiction is Death'. Then Swamishri was requested to mime messages to each team. Swamishri gestured and conveyed that they should study and attain first rank and also rank first in spirituality (bhajan).
Thereafter, a monoacting on 'Jodha Bharwad' was performed by a student. Then students who had excelled in Satsang, studies, personality development and sports were blessesd and appreciated by Swamishri.
Then a humorous drama was enacted by the hostel students to show the secrets of successful study. Finally, Swamishri addressed the students.

15 March 2002 (V.S. 2058, Fagan sud 1) Friday, Atladra
Swamishri performed the murti pratishtha ceremony of the deities for the mandir in the villages of Dabhasa and Gavasad. In conclusion, Swamishri addressed the devotees and blessed them personally.


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