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1 July 2002 (V.S. 2058, Jeth sud 7) Monday, Mumbai.
Volunteers' Day
During the evening assembly, a drama "Offering Everything" was performed by the volunteers. The drama showed the services of volunteers in the face of insult, adverse weather and hunger.
Finally Swamishri, in his blessings, highlighted the sacrifice and service of the volunteers.

6 July 2002 (V.S. 2058, Jeth vad 11) Saturday, Mumbai.
Children's Day
In the evening assembly, children recited Swamini Vatos, narrated stories, sang kirtans and performed monoacting. Finally, Swamishri addressed the assembly, "The children have performed well. They are like saplings. If they are cared for they will grow into giant trees and bear abundant fruits. Children are our wealth. We endeavor immensely to acquire mundane wealth and assets. We even take care in looking after it and utilising it in the best of ways. And, we are never careless in this matter. So too, children are our wealth."

12 July 2002 (V.S. 2058, Ashadh sud 2) Friday, Mumbai.
Rath Yatra Festival
In the evening assembly, Pujya Balmukund Swami and Pujya Viveksagar Swami explained the significance of the Rath Yatra festival. When Swamishri arrived, he was welcomed by children with a festive dance. Then Swamishri performed the arti of Thakorji and thereafter, with a remote control panel, guided the chariot with Thakorji. The singing of the bhajan, "Kunvar rangile Kan bethe rath..." and the darshan of Rath Yatra charged the assembly with devotion and joy.
The festival was capped with Swamishri's blessings, "The Rath Yatra festival in Jagannathpuri is attended by hundreds of thousands of devout people. It is because of religious feelings in people that such festivals are celebrated with excitement and joy… By celebrating festivals one's devotion for God is enhanced, faith in Him is consolidated and morals are strengthened."

13 July 2002 (V.S. 2058, Ashadh sud 3) Saturday, Mumbai.
Kishore Day
o During Swamishri's puja, kishores sang bhajans with the accompaniment of instruments.
o The evening program presentations included a traditional, colorful dance, singing of kirtans and an interesting discussion about the divine, redemptory attributes of Swamishri. The kishores then sang a bhajan "Chhana, chhana, chhana tame kya sudhi chhana rehesho." Then they asked Swamishri to reveal his true form to them. In his blessings Swamishri began, "I am a sadhu of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and the servant of Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj and my name is Narayanswarupdas..."

15 July 2002 (V.S. 2058, Ashadh sud 6) Monday, Surat (Dumas), Sankari.
Volunteer Training Camp
At 7.45 p.m. Swamishri lit the inaugural lamp for the 7-day Volunteer Training Camp (Divya Sannidhi Parva) in Sankari. To accommodate the volunteers, the camp was divided into two 3½-day slots. A total of 827 central and local coordinators, male and female, and from the bal, kishore and youth wings availed of the divine presence of Swamishri and senior sadhus. The camp was also attended by 178 sadhus actively involved in the Satsang activities. The theme of the camp was 'To Worship God Unitedly'.


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