Vicharan Reports

31 August 2002 (V.S. 2058, Shravan vad 8) Saturday, Atladra; Janmashtami Festival

 As part of Shri Krishna's birthday celebration, three scenes from his life were set up before Thakorji in the mandir: (1) The birth of Shri Krishna in a jail; (2) Vasudev carrying the baby child Shri Krishna across the river Yamuna and (3) Yashoda churning buttermilk and Shri Krishna troubles her to give him some butter.
  From 2.00 p.m., an exclusive program for 3,500 women devotees was held.
  From 9 p.m. to 12 midnight, Janmashtami festival was celebrated with a speech by Pujya Viveksagar Swami on the glory of Shri Krishna, bhajans, a drama 'Satyug in Kaliyug', ritual worship of Shri Harikrishna Maharaj with panchamrut and Swamishri's blessings. In his address, Swamishri said, "Our devotion is enhanced through such festivals. Everyone experiences joy and happiness in such festivals because God is source of the true happiness and peace ... By celebrating such festivals, Shriji Maharaj has shown us the path to unbroken communion with God and consolidation of His commands in our lives."
At 12.00 midnight, Swamishri performed the festival arti and rocked Shri Harikrishna Maharaj in a decorated swing.

2 September 2002 (V.S. 2058, Shravan vad 10) Monday, Atladra
Swamishri sanctified an ambulance donated by Dr. Sudhirbhai Patel (Bryan, USA) for the hospital in Dabhoi.

4 September 2002 (V.S. 2058, Shravan vad 12) Wednesday, Atladra
At 11.00 a.m., Swamishri performed the murti pratishtha for the Hari mandir in Zaradka village and Satsang Bhavan for Devgadh Bariya. The Vedic rituals were performed in the mandir hall in which Swamishri performed the invocation ceremony and worship of murtis with kumkum, rice grains and flowers. Finally Swamishri addressed the devotees and blessed them.

6 September 2002 (V.S. 2058, Shravan vad 30) Friday, Atladra; Kishore Day
The evening Kishore Day program focused on the theme 'Swamishri is a True Friend'. In his blessings, Swamishri emphasized on remaining steadfast in one's moral conduct and spiritual endeavors.

10 September 2002 (V.S. 2058, Bhadarva sud 4) Wednesday, Atladra; Ganesh Chaturthi and Children's Day
The evening Children's Day program included a drama by children and volunteers, "Haiyana Het na Bhulaye" that depicted the love Swamishri has shared with children. Two traditional dances were performed by children.

14 September 2001 (V.S. 2058, Bhadarva sud 8) Saturday, Nadiad; Kishore Day
The Kishore Day programs in the evening assembly was based on the theme of "Tu Din Kahe to din..." After a speech by sadhus, the Kishores performed a drama, "Hari gamtama rahevuji..." After a folk dance by the kishores, Swamishri blessed the assembly emphasizing on obeying God's commands.

17 September 2002 (V.S. 2058, Bhadarva sud 11) Tuesday, Sarangpur
Swamishri celebrated Jal Jhilani festival by virtually batting Shri Harikrishna Maharaj and Shri Ganeshji.


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