Vicharan Reports

4 September 2001 (V.S.2057, Bhadarva Vad 2) Tuesday, Sarangpur
The Indian Government has declared the year 2001 as the 'National Book Year.' Under its auspices, the President of the Gujarat University Publications Board, Dr.Keshubhai Desai, had come to have, 'Words of the Vedas' by Pandit Vishnudev Acharya, be inaugurated by Swamishri.
Swamishri ceremoniously inaugurated the scriptures.

6 September 2001 (V.S.2057, Bhadarva Vad 3) Thursday, Sarangpur. Shastriji Maharaj Shraddh
In the morning assembly, Swamishri extolled the glory of Shastriji Maharaj and his colossal effort in establishing the principle of Akshar and Purushottam.
Thereafter, Swamishri blessed the 6,000 devotees who were present for this special assembly. On the occasion of Shraddh, Swamishri also served 'dudhpak' to all the sadhus, parshads and sadhaks.

9 September 2001 (V.S.2057, Bhadarva Vad 6) Sunday, Sarangpur. Children's Day
The evening assembly commenced with children singing the dhun and prayers. Thereafter, they presented speeches and dances. A quiz and monoacting was also presented before Swamishri. A few children played an interactive game, 'Hot Potato', with Swamishri.
Finally, Swamishri blessed the audience of over 1,500 children who had arrived from neighboring villages around Sarangpur.

11 September 2001 (V.S.2057, Bhadarva Vad 9) Tuesday, Sarangpur
In the evening, Swamishri received news of the terrible twin-towers' tragedy in New York and the suicidal crash on the Pentagon in Washington by terrorists. Swamishri offered prayers for the catastrophe and addressed the sadhus, "Everyone, start telling the rosary for peace." Swamishri prayed for those who had died in the tragedy.


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