Vicharan Reports

18 September 2001 (V.S.2057, Adhik Aso Sud 1) Tuesday, Sarangpur, Gadhada
At 11.30 am, Swamishri arrived in Gadhada and offered his respects at Shri Hari Smruti Mandir in Laxmivadi and other holy places. Thereafter Swamishri went for darshan at the old mandir, Dada Khachar's Darbar and Akshar Ordi. After having darshan of Thakorji at the Akshar Purushottam Mandir, Swamishri blessed the congregation.

19 September 2001 (V.S.2057, Adhik Aso Sud 2) Wednesday, Gadhada
After Thakorji's darshan, Swamishri observed the construction and renovation work going on in the mandir.

24 September 2001 (V.S.2057, Adhik Aso Sud 8) Monday, Sarangpur, Amdavad
At 10.45 am, Swamishri arrived at Jivaraj Park, Amdavad. Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha of Akshar Purushottam Maharaj and Guru Parampara at the newly constructed 'Swaminarayan Sanskardham.'

26 September 2001 (V.S.2057, Adhik Aso Sud 10) Wednesday, Amdavad, Gojaria, Mahesana
At 10.50 am, Swamishri sanctified the 'BAPS Herbal Care Center' in the precincts of Amdavad Mandir. Swamishri was informed about the manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines by the Sanstha. Thereafter, Swamishri visited 'Pramukh Swami Health Care and Research Center' and inaugurated the color sonography machine.
Swamishri also sanctified 'Pramukh Swami Institute of Information Technology' (PIIT) where students are taught computer courses.

27 September 2001 (V.S.2057, Adhik Aso Sud 10) Thursday, Mahesana, Siddhpur, Mahesana
Swamishri arrived in Siddhpur for the renovation ceremony of the Matrugaya tirth - Ahalya Sarovar and Bindu Sarovar. These ancient places owe their importance and sanctity due to it being the birthplace of Kapil Dev - an incarnation of God and the founder of the Samkhya School of Thought.
Swamishri performed the renovation ceremony amidst vedic chantings. Swamishri and dignitaries then sprinkled the water sanctified by Thakorji and saffron water into the Ahalya Sarovar. Swamishri also visited the nearby Bindu Sarovar, applied its holy water on his head and then offered respects at the mandirs of Kardam Rushi, Devhuti Mata, Shivji and Hanumanji.
Finally Swamishri blessed the congregation in which a 7-day discourse on the Shrimad Bhagwat was being held.
The morning heat had touched 41.5c was extremely sapping and oppressive.

28 September 2001 (V.S.2057, Adhik Aso Sud 11) Friday, Mahesana, Amdavad
At 11.45 am, Swamishri arrived back to Amdavad. In the evening, due to fatigue and heat of the previous day, Swamishri caught a fever.
For the next four to five days Swamishri took rest and medication.


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