Vicharan Reports

16 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Sud 15) Sunday, London, Guru Purnima, Guru Bhakti Din
At 5.15 pm a unique Guru Bhakti Din program by kishores commenced in the mandir hall. It was a unique celebration in honor of Swamishri on the occasion of Guru Purnima. The central theme was Swamishri's divine life and work. Incidents of Swamishri's devotion to his guru Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj were narrated by two kishore comperes and Swamishri himself. Video interviews and live addresses by senior sadhus and devotees further enlightened the audience about Swamishri's humility, atmanishtha, compassion, purity and love for kishores. The three-hour program was punctuated with impressive slide and video presentations. The celebration climaxed with Swamishri's blessings: "The program presentation here today has become possible because of the blessings of Yogiji Maharaj. It is through his benedictions that balaks, kishores and youths have been touched by Satsang. The great holy sadhus have always desired to make all souls happy. They have explained that your happiness lies within. True happiness is the happiness of God..."
More than 8,500 devotees had attended the memorable, spiritually elevating program.

17 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 1) Monday, London
Swamishri leave for Toronto at

18 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 2) Tuesday, Toronto
At 11.10 am, the head of Namdhari Sikh Sampradaya, Sadguru Jagjitsinh and his disciples came to meet Swamishri. During their dialogue the practice and belief of Guru being the way to God was discussed.
At 5.47 pm Swamishri arrived to inaugurate the site for the new Swaminarayan mandir. The youths and devotees of Toronto Satsang Chapter had created 'Swaminarayan Nagar', comprising of an artistic archway, exhibition, cultural spots, assembly hall, landscape and kitchen facilities. After Vedic chantings Swamishri inaugurated the Swaminarayan Nagar and visited the exhibition - 'Pathways to Harmony'. Swamishri finally blessed the evening assembly.

21 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 5) Friday, Toronto
The evening program at the ' Swaminarayan Nagar' included a drama performance by the kishores and youths depicting the transformation of Joban Pagi, the faith of Khimo Sutar, the steadiness of Abhaysinh Darbar and honesty of Govind Bhagat. After every performance parallel incidents from the life of Pramukh Swami Maharaj were narrated by the sadhus.

22 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 6) Saturday, Toronto
Lord Harikrishna Maharaj was honored by the devotees of Canada

23 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 7) Sunday, Toronto, Shilanyas Vidhi
At 9.15 am Swamishri arrived at the Shilanyas ceremony (foundation-stone laying ritual) for the new Swaminarayan mandir. Amidst Vedic chantings and rituals the foundation stones were laid by Swamishri. Various dignitaries and government officials were present for this historic occasion. Hon. Alan Rocke - Federal Member of Parliament and Minister of Health, Mr. Tony Clement - Provincial MP, Ontario, Mr. Rajnikant Verma - Indian High Commissioner for Canada and Hon. Mayor Mel Lastman honored Swamishri and spoke glowingly of his works.
Finally Swamishri blessed the assembly, saying, "... You have all sacrificed something to become a part of the foundation stones laid here today. You have performed this service with love and heartfelt feelings. To offer support to any person is a service of great merit. Today you have supported this occasion. Though the brick may be small, but the work is great and gigantic. Because the mandir that will be created here will be the house of God. Thousands of people will come here for darshan ..."

24 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 8) Monday,
Fall River, MA
In the evening assembly, Lord Harikrishna Maharaj was honored by devotees.

25 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 9) Tuesday,
Fall River
Swamishri performed the murti pratishtha of the marble murtis of Akshar Purushottam Maharaj, Radha Krishna Dev, Ganapatiji and Hanumanji and the canvas murtis of guru parampara at the Shree Swaminarayan Mandir in Fall River.

26 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 10) Wednesday, Edison, NJ
During the evening assembly the Mayor of Edison -Mr. George Spadaro, Mayor of Franklin - Mr. Upendra Chivukula and other dignitaries and devotees welcomed and honored Swamishri.

27 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 11) Tuesday, Edison, Children's Day
A program by children on Bal Din was presented in the evening assembly. On the principal theme of 'Mare Swamine Raji Karavaj Chhe' the balaks conducted a bal sabha, a question answer session with Swamishri and a few skits showing the importance of moral and spiritual values given by Satsang.
Swamishri finally blessed the assembly, saying, "Your parents have gone through a lot of struggle and pain in raising you. Likewise you should attend to them and bear any struggle or discomfort for them. They have tolerated your nature when you were young, and now you too should bear with theirs. To tolerate mutually is a hallmark of our culture and a part of family feelings."

28 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 12) Friday, Edison, Kishore Day
In the evening assembly the kishores sang: "Jivan jivi janyu nahi to jindgi shaa kaamni" and presented a performance of historical figures like King Soloman, Alexander the Great, Elvis Prestly, Chanakya and others - each narrating their achievements and the subsequent emptiness and vaccum in their lives. This was followed by a drama presentation of devotees who have been transformed and blessed by Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

29 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 13) Saturday, Edison
At 10.00 am Swamishri performed the murti pratishtha ceremony of the marble murtis of Radha Krishna Dev, Shiva Parvatiji, Sita Ram, Ganapatiji and Hanumanji and the canvas murtis of Guru Parampara.
In the evening assembly 7,500 devotees honored Lord Harikrishna Maharaj.

30 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 14) Sunday, Augusta
In the evening assembly Lord Harikrishna Maharaj was honored by devotees of Augusta.
Mr. Mark Gibbons presented Swamishri, on behalf of the Mayor of Augusta, the Honorary Citizenship of the city of Augusta. Senator Mr. Charles Walker and Congressman Mr. Ben Harbin welcomed Swamishri with a bouquet of flowers.

31 July 2000: (V.S. 2056, Ashadh Vad 15) Monday, Augusta
Swamishri performed the murti pratishtha of the marble murtis of Akshar Purushottam Maharaj, Radha Krishna Dev, Guru Parampara (canvas) and Hanumanji and Ganapatiji


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