Vicharan Reports

16 December 2000: (V.S. 2057, Magshar Vad 6) Saturday, Vidyanagar, Mahelav, Bochasan
o Swamishri sanctified the newly built girls hostel by Dr. K. C. Patel in Vidyanagar.
o Swamishri arrived in Mahelav at 11.30 am and did darshan of Shastriji Maharaj's birthplace and the place where he played the 'maan' and delivered discourses on the Mahabharat.
On arriving at the mandir, Swamishri was welcomed by a dance performed by children. Beneath the mandir dome a classroom had been set up with a banner 'Yagnapurush Pathshala' and children were seated on the benches. Swamishri recited the dhun, explained it and introduced the murtis in the mandir.
After a welcome ceremony Swamishri blessed the assembly.
o Swamishri left Mahelav and arrived at Bochasan at 7.40 pm.

21 December 2000: (V.S. 2057, Magshar Vad 11) Thursday, Sarangpur
Under the auspices of the Swaminarayan Maha-mantra bicentenary celebration, a procession was carried out in the village of Sarangpur. A decorated float with sadhus and devotees devotionally chanting the Swaminarayan dhun weaved through the village.
In the evening assembly, children from Dhandhuka performed a dance on the Maha-mantra bhajan. After some speeches, Swamishri blessed the assembly.

24 December 2000: (V.S. 2057, Magshar Vad 14) Sunday, Sarangpur
Swamishri blessed the participants of a Teachers Camp held in the mandir and 47 kishores who to please Swamishri, had prostrated their way from Botad to Sarangpur.

26 December 2000: (V.S. 2057, Posh Sud 1) Tuesday, Sarangpur
Swamishri's 62nd Bhagwati diksha anniversary was celebrated. Swamishri offered puja and a garland to a murti of Shastriji Maharaj placed before Thakorji in the mandir. Amidst the diksha mantra sung by sadhus, Swamishri placed a janoi and tied a holy thread to the wrist of Shastriji Maharaj's murti.
The morning assembly at 11.00 am celebrated the 62nd diksha anniversary. Bhajans and speeches by sadhus reflected the glory and saintliness of Swamishri. Haka Khachar spoke about Swamishri's greatness and the blessings showered upon Swamishri by Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj.
Finally, Swamishri blessed the assembly.

30 December 2000: (V.S. 2057, Posh Sud 6) Saturday, Sarangpur, Paaliyaad, Gondal
On departing from Sarangpur at 4.40 pm, Swamishri arrived in Paaliyaad. Swamishri paid tribute at the memorial of Amara Bapu by offering flowers and chanting the Shanti paath. Swamishri blessed the small assembly.
At 8.30 pm, Swamishri was welcomed by children and youths on his arrival to Gondal mandir.

31 December 2000: (V.S. 2057, Posh Sud 5) Sunday, Gondal
Swamishri blessed a Parents Convention held in the mandir.


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