Over 800 yuvak mandals and 480 yuvati mandals held the annual Yuva Parayans during the holy month of Shravan. This year’s theme, as part of the ongoing Vachanamrut Bicentenary Celebrations, was ‘Sukhni Sanjivani: Vachanamrut’ (‘Elixir of Bliss: Vachanamrut’). These three-day parayans were presented by the youths at each yuvak and yuvati BAPS center and included discourses on the Vachanamrut, skits, videos and special activities that reinforced the theme.
Youths at various centers set up creative displays that also highlighted the glory and modern-day relevance of the Vachanamrut as a scripture of practical use in daily life for people of all ages.
Through these parayans, the yuvaks and yuvatis demonstrated their elocution, artistic and organizational skills and pledged to read and study the Vachanamrut daily to help them progress in their personal, family, academic, professional and spiritual lives.

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