Satsang Shibirs for youths and elders were held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and other New Zealand centers.
Based on the theme ‘Om Shantihi Shantihi Shantihi’, the shibirs provided simple yet powerful solutions to attaining happiness and peace in life amidst the personal, family and professional issues faced by everyone on a daily basis. Sessions consisted of informative spiritual discourses by swamis, interactive workshops, reflection sessions, thematic skits and engaging video presentations on how these problems can be countered through ghar sabha, keeping unity during seva, being steadfast in observance of niyam-dharma, using social media wisely and developing attachment with the Satpurush. Pujya Kothari Swami also gave insightful guidance at the end of each session summarising all the fundamentals covered throughout the session.
Through these shibirs, individuals were encouraged to start living a Satsang-centric life and use Satsang as a tool to remain stable amidst worldly problems.

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