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With the inspiration and blessings of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, over 130 kishores and kishoris from across the UK participated in a three-day Vidyarthi Shibir, titled ‘Shastri Narayanswarupdas’. An enlightening video depicting Swamishri’s journey and vision introduced the theme as the delegates embarked upon a unique voyage.

Pujya Amrutvihari Swami delivered an inspirational speech on setting and maintaining goals which was followed by group discussions in which the participants pledged their own goals. Speakers from leading industries offered insights into Accountancy and Banking through interesting presentations.

The second day commenced with Samuh Puja with a video of Swamishri’s puja darshan creating a wonderful atmosphere. A bhakti orientated morning included abhishek of Shri Nilkanth Varni with the kishores singing kirtans before the murtis after Shangar arti. Following Vachanamrut reading, Shukmuni Swami reflected upon Swamishri’s greatness and qualities by sharing prasangs. To reflect the theme of the shibir, delegates learnt of personal experiences with Swamishri from their fellow kishores and kishoris, followed by an illustration on the way to develop a close and unbreakable bond with Swamishri by Yogvivek Swami. Group discussions provided further motivation in concluding with practical methods to achieve the common goal in developing atmabuddhi in Swamishri.

Following lunch, further industry primers were organised in the fields of Dentistry, Engineering, Law, I.T. and wider fields. The practical learning continued as each group prepared short presentations for their fellow participants on revision planning.

This year’s Shibir exposed each participant to interview skills. After providing helpful techniques and guidance to the participants, they participated in multiple rounds of interviews where they learnt how to articulate themselves confidently and convince others of their skills. The final took place on the last day which involved four successful participants fighting for one job and it proved to be a gruelling experience. Nevertheless, constructive feedback was provided to each participant and the competitive spirit also allowed them to learn from one another’s responses. It was only but fair to reward the efforts of them and all participants with an outing to Top Golf where they enjoyed an evening of fun and laughter whilst sharpening their golfing skills.

On the final day, Paramtattva Swami delivered an interactive presentation on writing skills where participants gained vital knowledge into the art of writing. By working in groups, they became critical in analysing different materials. A Question Time panel set the delegates in an open debate forum where many interesting questions were raised and beneficial responses were given.

Shukmuni Swami concluded the memorable Shibir with emotional prasangs of Swamishri and his desire for kishores and kishoris to ‘Be the Best’ in satsang and studies. The three-day shibir proved to be a success where the participants acquired inspiration from the life and words of Pramukh Swami Maharaj. 

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