Under the guidance and inspiration of His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj, a two and half day seminar centered on the theme, “Walk with Me” was conducted by Pujya Swamis and BAPS Yuvas in an effort to rekindle and revitalize Hindu-centric values in North America. The regional retreats were organized across North America in Bushkills, PA, Collingwood, ON, Charlotte, NC, Galena, IL, San Jose, CA and San Antonio, TX.

As Yuvaks and Yuvatis, there are a number of crucial areas that consume our time, energy, and focus. We wear many “hats” that come with numerous responsibilities and often face the "crossroads" of life where we need direction, and in many cases, an awakening. Only through spirituality will we develop the necessary qualities in order to experience success in all phases of our lives.

This year's seminar aimed to guide youths to develop eternal virtues using the Satpurush as a source of guidance and inspiration. Different sessions highlighted the importance of these virtues, which will inevitably help them excel in both family life and on a spiritual path. The underlying message of the theme is for Yuvas to walk on the path of spirituality alongside our guru, Pramukh Swami Maharaj, imbibing his eternal virtues in our lives.

In addition to thought-provoking discourses, group discussions and skits added unique flavor and insight to the seminar experience. Furthermore, outdoor activities and sporting events promoted an environment of camaraderie, open dialogue, and knowledge exchange between various participants. The seminar proved to be helpful in the overall development and progress of Yuvaks and Yuvatis. 

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