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The National Yuvak-Yuvati Shibir took place on Sunday 27 July 2008 in the presence of Kothari Swami with over 400 participants attending.

Continuing from the historic day of 6 October 2007 – Param Anand, this Shibir was a follow up from the previous Shibir. The theme was ‘Sadhuta’. To experience Param Anand, we need sadhuta in our lives. With this in mind, the programme was tailored accordingly.

Yuvaks and Yuvatis made their way to the Mandir from all over the country. The day started with Kothari Swami performing the deep pragatya to flag off the Shibir. Highlights from Param Anand were played which invoked some wonderful smiles and memories. The Param Anand logo then merged into the logo of Sadhuta.

Yuvaks and sadhus presented various topics on Sadhuta. What is our understanding of Sadhuta? What is Sadhuta? The benefits of practising Sadhuta in our lives. These topics explained that to progress in Satsang, Sadhuta is required in one’s life.

A Q&A session was conducted with Kothari Swami where he outlined how to remain humble despite praises and also what inspired him to observe his niyams when he was a yuvak. He also spoke at length on how to remain equipoised during the ups and downs of life. During the day, the five vartmans were also highlighted through practical demonstrations and katha-based presentations on Nisswad, Nirlobh, Nishkam etc. A goshthi session took place in the afternoon on Nissneh where the discussion was based on how much attachment we have for Satsang. It was an eye opener as all yuvaks openly participated and expressed their views.

In conclusion, Kothari Swami talked about how to achieve Sadhuta even as grahastas. His message was very clear and easy to understand. He explained that because of emotions, one sometimes forgets what is right; however, one has to keep striving to achieve Sadhuta in one’s life.

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