Spiritual Quotient Intro

Centered on the theme of “Spiritual QuotientVidyanam Adhyatma-vidya”, BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha hosted National Yuva Convention 2010 in Chicago, Illinois on June 10, 2010. The seminar saw over 1,200 yuvaks and yuvatis from across North America participating in sessions that focused on how a career-oriented generation can better channel their time and resources into developing a spiritual quotient from the teachings of Hinduism.

Held in the presence of Sadguru Sant Pujya Doctor Swami, the seminar involved an array of interactive workshops, lectures, and lighthearted recreational activities all geared toward the development of one’s spirituality and satsang. Pujya Doctor Swami’s lectures delivered a pragmatic and motivational message which resonated with all of the participants. In addition, many other santos were on hand, including Pujya Apurvamuni Swami and Pujya Brahmvihari Swami, to give inspirational speeches and presentations as well as lead workshops focused on the seminar theme.

One participant, Dilip Tank, benefitted immensely. “I have attended a number of conferences, seminars, and keynotes, but most of them lack relativity. You can tell people what they have to do, but that doesn’t really hit home. This seminar helped me realize that developing a spiritual quotient is an individual task, but demands a group effort and a nurturing environment. The age old wisdom of the Hindu sages and seers is as relevant to my life, even today.”

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