Throughout this academic year, a series of Campus Sabhas and University Talks were held at universities across the UK by the BAPS Youth Forum. These initiatives were not only an opportunity for students to strengthen their own personal satsang, but also to encourage their friends to attend and learn about the underlying values and beliefs of Hindu Dharma.

The inaugural campus sabha of the year took place in November 2009 in London in which Pramukh Swami Maharaj blessed the gathering via telephone, emphasising the importance of remaining steadfast in Satsang as well as motivating them to excel in their studies. He stressed the need for regularity in Satsang, in particular with the observance of niyam-dharma and the significance of reading the Vachanamrut to answer the doubts in one’s life. He concluded by expressing that Bhagwan Swaminarayan and our Gurus are pleased by such discussions of spirituality, giving immense confidence and encouragement to all those present.

Campus sabhas consist of interactive sessions based on a selection of discourses from the Vachanamrut conducted by sadhus from the BAPS mandir in London. They are held bi-weekly across universities in London, Nottingham and Leicester.

University Talks were also held in tandem throughout the year in universities across the country, again by sadhus from London. Titles such as ‘Karma Siddhanta’, ‘Student Stress Management According to the Bhagavad Gita’, ‘The Wonders of Attitude’ and ‘Surviving Everest’ delivered highly insightful and informative talks on how spiritual ways can have a positive impact on an individual’s achievements in all breadths of life, especially for an aspiring young university student. They drew on a number of profound Hindu concepts along with inspirational anecdotes showing also how spirituality can help determine success and stability. Students who attended left informed, inspired and empowered with a feeling of self-worth and increased motivation to achieve the best they can in life.

Feedback from both the Campus Sabhas and University Talks was very positive; students felt enriched and motivated by the inspiring talks delivered by the sadhus and uplifted by the blessings of Swamishri, endeavouring to imbibe in their lives all they had learned.  

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