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Based on the topics of Satsang/Sanskar, Vyaktitva Vikas (Personality Development), Arogya (Health) and Shikshan (Education), these 6-day summer shibirs for kishores and kishoris were titled SVAS.

The shibirs, organized by the Satsang Activity Central Office, were held in Mumbai, Surat, Gadhada, Ahmedabad, Atladra and Bochasan. The first began on 2 May and the last concluded on 25 May. The topic for each of the 6-days of the shibirs were as follows:
Day 1: Satsang/Sanskar-1
Day 2: Arogya
Days 3 & 4: Vyaktitva Vikas
Day 5: Shikshan
Day 6: Satsang/Sanskar-2

In each of the shibirs an average of 175 selected kishores and 175 kishoris participated.

In each shibir, Mahant Swami was present the first three days and Dr. Swami for the last three days.

In addition to their enlightening speeches, the day’s topics were presented through speeches by experienced sadhus, quizzes, questions and answer sessions, skits, discussions, debates, story telling and audiovisual presentations.

All the shibir participants were divided into groups of ten, and each group had to produce project based on the Vachanmrut on the topic of agna.

The participants also memorized Swamini Vato, shloks and sakhis.

Prizes were awarded for the best project and to those who had memorized the most.

Every morning there were yoga classes conducted by experienced yoga practitioners.

In the evenings, the youths were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor sports: cricket, volleyball, carrom, chess, badminton and others.

The participants also received valuable guidance on health, education and personality development from experienced doctors, educationists and other experts.

These 6-day shibirs were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by the kishores and kishoris, who resolved to progress in their personal, academic and spiritual endeavours.

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