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In Bochasan, in the presence of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, special shibirs were held for the senior cadres of volunteers involved in the Sanstha’s Satsang and Bal Activities...

The shibir for senior Satsang Activity Volunteers was held from 21 to 23 July 2008 and was attended by over 125 sadhus and 750 men and women volunteers. It focused on strengthening the qualities which make a good leader.
Every morning, after Swamishri’s puja, short thematic presentations were presented by the volunteers. Also, along Swamishri’s route to and from the assembly hall, volunteers made symbolic presentations reinforcing the message of the shibir.
During the day, speeches, live skits, audio-visual shows and question-answer sessions reinforced the shibir theme. The topics of the speeches by senior sadhus included: The Secret of Successful Leadership, Leader Yet Servant, Discipline: Adornment for a Leader, A Leader Leads by Example and Leader: One Without Expectations.
A new element of the shibir engaged the volunteers in writing a research essay based on the Vachanamrut on the topic of ‘agna’. This proved useful in giving everyone an insight into how the teachings of the Vachanamrut can be applied to satsang.
On the final day, after Swamishri’s puja, the volunteers presented a brief, entertaining skit. The storyline equated the volunteers to automobile mechanics, who had come to the ‘master mechanic’, Swamishri, for their periodic servicing. Then Swamishri’s blessed the assembly: “We have come here to overcome our base natures. That is the purpose of this shibir. Take the excellent talks you have heard from here with you.
Understand that Shriji Maharaj is supreme God, Gunatitanand Swami is Mul Akshar and the Satpurush is the gateway to moksha. If this true knowledge is understood then you will not be trapped by maya.
You have attained such true knowledge, so pass it on to others. You have all embedded the knowledge of Akshar-Purushottam in your hearts and so are able to dedicate yourselves like sadhus.
Think what this human birth is for… it is to become aksharrup and worship Purushottam. Maharaj will reward your efforts.
Through the efforts of all Satsang has grown, and will continue to do so. Our duty is to endeavour to fulfil Yogiji Maharaj’s wishes. Those who do so will attain peace, and satsang will remain in their future generations.”
The shibir for senior Bal Activity volunteers was from 25 to 27 July. Over 100 sadhus and 700 volunteers reveled in the divine atmosphere in Swamishri’s presence. Swamishri’s responses to the volunteers on his way to and from the assembly hall filled their hearts with divine joy and lasting memories.
During Swamishri’s daily walk, sadhus and volunteers presented reports of the children’s activities in their regions.
The shibir’s theme was ‘Nishthavan Bhava’ – Develop Firm Conviction. It strengthened the values of true spiritual wisdom, dharma, unity and sincere service. Speeches by senior sadhus, together with question-answer sessions, debates, skits and audio-visual presentations elaborated upon the shibir theme.
Blessing the dedicated volunteers, Swamishri said, “The work of the Bal Mandal is outstanding. Very good. Patience is required to work with children. You may feel that there is no progress, but your efforts will be rewarded. May the talks presented in the shibir be consolidated in your lives.”
* * *
The volunteers were rejuvenated by Swamishri’s presence, darshan and blessings in the shibirs. They resolved to continue their services to satsang based on the guidance they had received.

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