Since the early 1950s, when Yogiji Maharaj first introduced the concept of adhiveshans, dozens of these competition-conventions have been held in India, Africa, UK and USA.
This year, to mark the BAPS Centenary, separate adhiveshans for kishores and kishoris (aged 14-22), yuvaks and yuvatis (aged 23-35) were held.
In addition to the compulsory Prathmik Mukhpath section, there were five competitions:

Dviprasang Varnan
Satsang Gnan Prashnottari
Purna Mukhpath
Solo Kirtan Singing
Collective Arti Singing (Mandalwise)

All participants had to enter in a minimum of two of the first three competitions.
The first stages of the adhiveshan were held between 18 and 20 May at the kshetriya (regional) level. In the second stage on 27 May, the inter-kshetriya (inter-regional) level involved two or more kshetras (regions) competing at one place. In this stage, held at 48 different locations throughout Gujarat and Mumbai, over 5,000 kishores and yuvaks participated.
The outstanding performers from each competition at this stage were selected to compete in the National Adhiveshan on 3 and 4 June in the presence of Pujya Mahant Swami and Pujya Doctor Swami at Bochasan.

On 3 June over 150 yuvaks competed and on 4 June over 600 kishores competed in the competitions.
Explaining the purpose of holding adhiveshans, Pujya Mahant Swami said, “The aim of adhiveshans is not to generate competition, but to prepare the kishores and yuvaks. Competition is merely a medium. Those kishores-yuvaks who have put in effort and competed have all ready won the prize of Swamishri’s profound blessings. Now take back what you have from here, preserve it and use it to inspire others onto the path of satsang.
The youths also expressed their views that by taking part in the adhiveshan their ability to concentration had improved, their pride for the Sanstha had strengthened, their self-confidence had increased, their knowledge of Satsang principles had deepened and their faith in God had been consolidated.

Similarly, for the kishoris and yuvatis, a prelimary adhiveshan was held at the regional level. In the inter-regional stage, over 4,750 kishoris and yuvatis participated at 46 centers. Finally, the National Adhiveshan was held in Ahmedabad. On 2 and 3 June 2007 142 yuvatis participated and on 3 and 4 June 2007, 613 kishoris participated in the National Adhiveshan.

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