A majestic awards ceremony was held on Sun 3 Sept 2006 at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Neasden where an exhibition of the talent of kishores and kishoris was demonstrated with breathtaking performances from their Adhiveshan.

A grand stage of magnificent colour, sparkling with dazzling trophies welcomed participants, mentors, judges, parents and the public where joyful celebrations echoed as nominations were declared, wih winners announced by sadhus, judges or mentors. The audience also heard accounts from parents, judges and mentors.

Launched in Jan 2006, the National Kishore-Kishori Adhiveshan, which took place on Tues 22 Aug and Wed 23 Aug 2006 at Warwick Conference Park, focussed on the Akshar-Purushottam Upãsanã, with compulsory activities including Mukhpãth, Speeches, Prasang Manan, and Satsang Gnãn Prashnottari. Nirupan or a Sankirtan for intermediate, and Ãkhyãn for higher tier candidates were also performed. Optional activities included Instrument Playing, Kirtans, Mono-Acts, Graphic Design, Multimedia and Arts. Additionally, sporting events also included various track activities, a penalty shoot-out competition for kishores and netball shoot-out for kishoris.

Guiding the participants were a group of dedicated mentors who met their respective kishores and kishoris on a weekly basis to monitor progress as well as provide feedback and support. Judges from across the U.K. also contributed to the success of the programme, travelling great distances to provide their technical expertise.

Shrihari Swami’s words provided the climax to the Adhiveshan, encouraging the participants to imbibe their knowledge in their lives. An explosion of confetti marked the closing stages of the evening with group photographs and distribution of souvenirs to mentors and judges for their outstanding efforts.

Through the tireless commitment and dedication of the sadhus and the Adhiveshan team, the project proved to be an unprecedented success. The final thoughts must be offered to our beloved Guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj whose efforts and inspirations have continued to guide all.

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