The North American Kishore-Kishori and Yuvak-Yuvati Mandal hosted the National Karyakar Convention (KarCon) 2006 from March 9th – 12th at the Wyndham Hotel, Chicago, IL based on the theme of Niyam–Nishchay-Paksh, from Vachanamrut Gadhada II-61. A total of 233 kishore delegates and 160 kishori delegates and 72 yuvak delegates and 80 yuvati delegates from across the U.S. and Canada came to participate in the three-day shibir. These delegates came from all backgrounds - from Sanchalaks, Sabha Sanchalaks, Personal Contact Karyakars, and Campus Sabha Coordinators to National/Regional Karyakars.

In an effort to teach the karyakars the skills necessary to bring the respective mandals forward, saints from London also graced the shibir.

The shibir started with an introductory speech by Pujya Shukmuni Swami on the Vachanamrut from which the theme originated; it explained the ways that Niyam, Nishchay and Paksh have been exemplified by the guru parampara and how karyakars, can imbibe them into their lives.

The shibir focused on four different aspects of development: Training/Skill Development, Katha/Motivation, Teambuilding and Networking.

Training was accomplished through various workshops and classrooms, covering topics that were geared to the individual seva that the karyakars perfomed. Katha took place two times a day by various saints to teach and integrate the principles of Niyam, Nishchay and Paksh with all the other activities. Teambuilding was not only accomplished through the workshops and evening programs where the delegates got a chance to know each other, but also in dedicated forums where they performed various exercises to achieve one goal while working with each other.

To become better karyakars, there needs to be a clear direction and goal. Once those are in place, the desire to improve and change must come from within. The way to these changes is through strengthening niyams, nishchay and paksh.

Be The Change: Niyam, Nischay, Paksh



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