Devotees celebrated fuldol-holi utsav at Jersey city mandir in the presence of Pujya Santos .The mood was set by a colorful decoration.Center path was decorated with bowls filled with colorful water, pichkaris and colors of holi .Main stage was decorated with the utsav murti of Maharaj on a festive swing known as the HINDOLO.

Sabha started at 4 p.m. with dhoon and prarthana. Soul rendering kirtans like Swami amare ang , Jaha sadguru khele vasant and  Lage vaikunth thi rudu Vartaal were sung by vadil mandal . A Speech on how modern color of Internet known as a chatting has affected the life of kids to elders was given . Right after that , Speeches by Pujya Aksharpriya Swami and Pujya Prasannavadan Swami emphasize how Bapa has maintained the tradition of samaiya celebration through Guru Parampara from Maharajs time, which is depicted through fuldol utsav in Sarangpur. The fuldol utsav celebrated a few days back in the presence of Bapa at Sarangpur was described by santos in their speech and to make it alive pictures of fuldol were shown on the screen with kirtan playing in the background.., which changed the whole atmosphere of sabha Pujya Dharmavinay swami described in his parayan about changing the life of Adivasi people who use to eat meat and drink liquor, through the color of satsang in Sabarkantha district, Gujarat. After opening ceremony of cd and cassette of bhajanras by Pujya Dharmavinay swami, a brief introduction of three santos was given by Pujya Amrutcharit swami. All four santos were welcomed with flowers. Sabha was lucky enough to have swamibapas darshan on screen with the kirtan playing aavo te rang mune..After the arti everyone took the blessing of Pujya santos and left after mahaprasad with one thought how we can bring the true color of satsang in our life by destroying holi of maya from our heart.

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