Pushpadolotsav Samaiyo was held in Boston temple. The samaiyo started with prayer to Lord Swaminarayan and Guru Parampara inviting them to the Samaiyo. The importance of the Samaiyo was explained. The atmosphere was already colorful with devoted decoration in the Sabha Hall, Stage and on the Sinhasan. With "Tu Rangai Jane Rangma..." everyone was drenched with spiritual color and it was clearly visible with the awe on haribhatos faces and their heartbeats rhyming with tabla.

Then came the discourse of P. Vivekyogi Swami about the stalwart figure of our Guru Parampara, Bhagatji Maharaj. There were not enough words to explain this spiritual personality with great facets of his life, namely Gnyan, Vairagya, and Bhakti. P. Vivekyogi Swami explained his life with great enthusiasm and left the crowd in meditation. After another euphorical kirtan singing of "Holi Ayee Re Aayee re..." Haribhaktos were all committed to greet Pramukh Swami Maharaj's spray of spiritual color. P. Amrutcharit Swami's discourse truly explained the meaning of Utsav of Holi and Pushpadolotsav. He explained the importance of Holi in detail and also urged all satsangis to follow the guideline to achieve spiritual heights by deciding on an Aim, then taking action to reach that Aim. Also, after taking an action he suggested practice of personal introspection to decide whether the action was leading towards the aim or going away from it. His pravachan was truly an eye opener filled with Mahima of our Satsang and Guruhari.

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