Aimed at bettering interpersonal skills, understanding roles and responsibilities as karyakars, and strengthening personal satsang, the Kishore-Kishori Karyakar Shibir was a great success.

Beloved Guruhari Pramukh Swami Maharaj sent a letter of blessings in which He wrote: "...Kãryakaro potãni sevãnu kãrya barãbar ane prãmãnik pane kare...samayno bhog ãpe...sevãno mahimã samje...darekne Ãgnã-Upãsanã-Sadbhãv-Paksha draddha thãy...Jivano Satsang draddha thãy..." (Karyakars should fulfil their duties properly and sincerely… spare time… understand the glory of this seva… strengthen agna, upasana, sadbhav and paksh… develop deep-rooted satsang in the jiva…)

Experienced karyakars - Mukeshbhai, Atulbhai and Devanbhai, shared their experience through inter-active sessions on Time Management, Communication and Relationship, The Seva Cycle.

The interview with Atmaswarup Swami and Jitubhai M. Patel [SHM-Trustee] proved to be most inspiring - how Swamishri looks after everything if you heartily commit yourself fully in the service of Satsang.

The team-building games were very enjoyable too. The mighty strength of unity was consolidated.

The sadhus shared their words of wisdom in explaining Shastriji Maharaj's principles - agna, upasana, sadbhav, paksha. The presentations were eye-opening and offered a knowledgeable and interesting insight into our Great Satsang, who we are and what we should be yearning for in life.

Due to Swamishri's grace and blessings, the 150 Karyakars who attended attained great motivation, inspiration and direction of spreading Satsang - Forever For Bapa.

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