During the summer vacation of April-May 2003, kishores and kishoris aged between 14 and 23 prepared for the adhiveshan which was held on Sunday 25 May 2003.

Over 11,000 kishores and kishoris from 121 regions competed at 50 adhiveshan venues throughout Gujarat and Maharashtra in 4 competitions:

1. Gnanvardhak Prashnottari
Based on selected Vachanamruts, Swamini Vatu and the Shikshapatri a 20-minute written paper of 90 objective questions was taken by all.

2. Prasang Varnan
From a defined list of 10 stories, each person had to prepare any 3. From these 3, the judges selected any 1 for the participant to present in 5 minutes.

3. Satsangini Shubh Riti
A booklet of 90 questions encompassing the basic and essential practice and traditions of satsang was given to all. From this, each person was tested orally by the judges with 9 questions.

4. Solo Kirtan
Participants sung any one kirtan composed by the paramhansas of Shriji Maharaj before a panel of judges.

To execute the arrangements over 5000 judges and 6000 volunteers helped.

Participants competed in separate categories, as below:

1. Kishores
i. Sahajanand Group: age 19-23
ii. Nilkanth Group: age 14-18

2. Kishoris
i. Sahajanand Group: age 19-23
ii. Nilkanth Group: age 14-18

In this way, these youths used their vacation to strengthen their understanding and knowledge of satsang. It was an inspiring experience for all.

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