Joint Rehabilitation Project by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, Sanatan Mandir, Hindu Mandir, CIDA
Since the tragic earthquake in Gujarat in January 2001, BAPS has been active in providing relief for the victims. After the emergency relief work, permanent rehabilitation projects were undertaken by BAPS.
With the help of donors of all faiths from India and abroad, BAPS has been able to reconstruct 13 villages and 43 schools.
In addition to this, a separate project funded by donations from Canada-based donors - BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha (Canada), Sanatan Mandir, Hindu Mandir and CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) has been completed by the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, Gujarat Earthquake Relief Project team in India.The major objectives of this project were as follows:
  • To build homes
  • To build schools
  • To build social facilities
  • To provide a means of livelihood for farmers and women
  • To build primary health care facilities
  • To cultivate kitchen gardens
After signing the formal project undertaking on 21 January 2002, the required work was completed by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha by 31 March 2003, as follows:

1. Homes

  • Canada Hill Colony, Bhuj Housing Colony (62 homes)
  • Toronto Colony, Bhuj Housing Colony (44 homes)
  • Sanatanpuram, Morjhar, sub-dist. Nakhatrana (100 homes)
  • Ramnagar, Dadhar, sub-dist. Khavda (23 bhunga homes)
  • Canada Village, Bhirandiyara, sub-dist. Khavda (83 bhunga homes)
  • Narsinh Mehta Nagar, Bhirandiyara, sub-dist. Khavda (76 bhunga homes)

2. Primary Schools

  • A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Primary School, Anjar (120 boys & 80 girls)
  • Sant Mansoor Primary School, Soyala (25 boys & 10 girls)
  • Terry Fox Adarsh Primary School, Pragpar-II (32 boys & 21 girls)
  • Pramukh Swami Primary School, Morjhar (58 boys & 42 girls)

3. Public Utilities

  • Canada Hill Colony, Bhuj (Water Tank, Community Hall, Women's Training Center, Administrative Office)
  • Sanatanpuram, Morjhar (Water Tank, Community Hall, Women's Training Center, Administrative Office)
  • Ramnagar, Daddhar (Women's Training Center)

4. Facilities for Women to Earn Livelihood

  • Handlooms (Bhirandiyara, Hodko, Misriyado, Pragpar-II, Nani Bhujpar, Siracha)
  • Mixer machines (Baraiya, Pragpar-I, Pragpar-II, Sama Goga)
  • Masonry kits (Morjhar, Siracha, Bhirandiyara)
  • Sewing machines (Bhirandiyara, Hodko, Misariyado, Pragpar-I)
  • Sewing kits (Bhirandiyara, Hodko, Misariyado, Ramnagar)
  • Spice-grinding machines (Madhapar - Canada Hill Colony)
  • Loudspeaker systems (Madhapar - Canada Hill Colony)
  • Mandap Cleaning equipment (Madhapar - Canada Hill Colony, Bhirandiyara)
  • Flour grinding machines (Bhirandiyara [Harijanvas], Bhirandiyara [Kolivas], Soyla, Gandhinu Gam, Kukma)
  • Wood kit (Bhirandiyara [Kolivas], Gandhinu Gam, Siracha, Misariyado)
  • Woodwork machine (Gandhinu Gam, Meghpar [Navovas], Misariyado, Bhirandiyara [Kolivas])
  • Pushcarts (Bhirandiyara [Kolivas], Bhirandiyara [Harijanvas], Ramnagar)
  • Wooden cabins (Bhirandiyara [Kolivas], Bhirandiyara [Harijanvas], Ramnagar, Gandhinu Gam)
  • Tile polishing machines (Pragpar-II)
  • Equipment for making khakra, papad, etc. (Bhuj - Tin Tent City)

5. Facilities for Farming and Cattle-rearing

  • 6.5 acres of grass grown
  • Fruit trees planted
  • Distribution of 154 buffaloes (with 3 years insurance and veterinary care arrangements)
  • Drinking water and lake for buffaloes
  • Rickshaw for transporting milk and grass

6. Mobile Dispensaries

Two mobile dispensaries serve 48 remote villages, providing primary healthcare and treatment and health awareness education.

7. Kitchen Gardens and Tree Planting

  • 412 homes with Israeli drip irrigated kitchen gardens enabling daily requirement of vegetables.
  • Kitchen gardens in 21 primary schools in Mandvi district, enabling vegetables for mid-day meals for children.

8. Training Programs

  • Gender Equity Training
  • Gender Orientation Training
  • Result Based Management ( RBM) Training
  • Workshops on appropriate construction technology
  • Livelihood Development Study Tour
  • Workshop on Medicare and Health Promotion
The special features of this project include:
  1. Traditional lifestyles have been preserved. Cooperation from the beneficiaries at every stage.
  2. 85% of beneficiaries are of unscheduled castes and tribes, 5% are of backward class and 10% are of other classes.
  3. People are able to live without having to move and can earn their livelihood as before.
  4. Raw materials from local suppliers, providing economic boost to the region.
  5. Employment for beneficiaries in the reconstruction process as per their abilities.
  6. Homes designed and built as per requirements of beneficiaries, especially women.
  7. Joint ownership of home by husband and wife.
  8. Long-term employment opportunities as per local traditions for both men and women.
  9. Awareness of need for financial independence through special training.
  10. Health awareness and health care by doctors.
  11. Kitchen gardens, maintained with drip irrigation systems, to provide fresh, healthy source of vegetables.
  12. Reconstruction of primary schools.
  13. Encouragement of handicrafts and home industries as a means of livelihood.
  14. Women's forums established.
  15. Long-term needs of beneficiaries catered for.

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