Sunday, 15 June 2003

Balaks from Cherry Hill, Edison, Clifton, Jersey City, and Philadelphia gathered at Merrill Park to enjoy a day filled with games and sports. Balaks competed for prizes in various different events, such as the obstacle course, 100-meter sprint, sac race, homerun derby, candy find, and basketball shootout. Between competitions, balaks played together in soccer, kickball, and other team sports.

From seeing balaks try to balance a lemon on a spoon with their mouths to watching them jump about and crawl around in the obstacle course, there were many memorable incidents. Balaks had a ball looking for candy as they blew flour in their faces, and jumping to the finish line in the sac race. The day ended with a small sabha in the park, in the presence of P. Haridarshan Swami, P. Bhaktiswarup Swami, and P. Munitilak Swami. During the sabha, awards were distributed to the balaks who placed in the top 3 in the day’s competitions. Special awards were also given to balaks for sportsmanship, achievement awards, and the most active balak. After an exciting, action-packed day, balaks returned to their respective centers tired from all the activities, but awaiting for the next Bal Mandal event.

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