December 28, 2003

The Northeast region of BAPS North America held its first annual KarCon and Adhiveshan from December 25-28 for bal and kishore karyakars. Delegates from 18 mandals (nine centers) participated in several memorizing and talent competitions; attended different workshops, classes, and activities to enhance their skills as karyakars; and received Satsang knowledge from saints and experienced karyakars.

On the first evening, all were acquainted with the theme of the three-day event – Samarpan: The Power of One. Pujya Yagnavallabh Swami delivered an elaborative speech on ‘Samarpan’ – selfless and complete sacrifice – and motivated the delegates to imbibe it in their lives.

On Friday, Adhiveshan Day, the delegates participated in three competition categories: mukhpath, oratory, and skills. Each main category included several sub-categories. For example, the skills category consisted of acting, essay writing, and solo singing. The participants were allowed to choose sub-categories of their liking and worked hard in advance to prepare for them. The day concluded with a series of multimedia presentations created by each mandal.

KarCon (karyakar convention) was the last full day of the event. Bal and kishore karyakars attended workshops, classes, and activity sessions to advance the skills necessary for running their mandals. The workshops and activities, which differed for bal and kishore karyakars, provided insight for a wide array of subjects: how to plan a sabha, motivate a team, make personal contacts, make smart goals, and others. The three classes, however, were Satsang knowledge sessions common for both. The saints highlighted the importance of sacrificing ego, perfecting seva, and the relationship Swamishri keeps with youths. The evening program, through dramas and multimedia presentations, illustrated the necessity to be ideal karyakars.

On Sunday, the final day, an awards ceremony took place to reward those who participated in and worked hard for the competitions. After the ceremony, all karyakars departed for their respective centers with a renewed sense of self-less and complete sacrifice – Samarpan.

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