Brahmaswarup Yogiji Maharaj had a divine vision to nurture the character and talents of young children. And so he established the children's wing of the BAPS in 1954.
In the build-up to the 50th anniversary celebrations, a National Adhiveshan was held on 7-8 September 2002, involving 945 balaks and balikas, aged between 6 and 14, from Satsang centers throughout the UK, in the esteemed presence of Pujya Kothari Bhaktipriya Swami.
Based on the theme 'Thaiya Yogi Jeva,' preparations for the adhiveshan began in April, giving all children 4 months to prepare thoroughly. Out of the 21 competitions being held, participants were allowed only to enter a maximum of 10. But to be eligible for any prizes, each participant was required to score at least 50% in the compulsory Prathmik Mukhpath Test.
In the build-up to the adhiveshan, the project coordinators met regularly to plan and prepare for every aspect of the event.
Children from bal mandals throughout the country enthusiastically registered to participate. They were continually guided and motivated by use of videos, email, letters and in person by sanchalaks.
Training sessions were also held for the judges and volunteers to familiarize them with the logistics of the adhiveshan.

The competition categories were as follows.

  1. Mukhpath
    - Vachnamrut Bindu
    - Swamini Vato
    - Shloks/Sakhis
    - Kirtans
  2. Oratory
    - Prasang Varnan
    - Story telling
  3. Speech
  4. Swamini Vato Nirupan
  5. Coloring and Drawing
  6. Essay Writing
  7. Music
    - Solo Singing
    - Group Singing
    - Solo Instrumental
  8. Sports
    - Football kick-ups
    - Football penalties
  9. Graphic Design/Multimedia Project
    The competitions were held in 3 age groups: Group 1 - age 6 to 8, Group 2 - age 9 to 11 and Group 3 - age 12 to 14.
    At the conclusion of the two days of competitions, Pujya Kothari Swami presented trophies to the winners. All other participants received a consolation prize.
    Overall, the adhiveshan proved to be a great success and the performances by the children were of a very high standard.

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