BAPS North America has been arranging satsang shibirs every year to nurture and promote satsang values in individual haribhaktos and their families. In the year 2002 also, during Pujya Mahant Swami 's vichran in USA and Canada, 8 family satsang shibirs were organized in which more than 5,155 individuals/familes participated and learned about life-elevating and family-strengthening topics.

The theme of this year's shibirs was  "Banvu Chhe Mare Mala na Manka"  covering a range of topics starting from satsang basics like ghar-sabha, nitya-pooja, satsang reading etc. to the highest state of becoming "brahmroop" and thereby enjoying the ultimate bliss as experienced by our guru HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj.
From his immense satsang experience, Pujya Mahant Swami provided guidance on how we can also become a bead (manko) of Shreeji Maharaj's rosary (mala) by understanding the glory of satsang, by observing the vows (niyam-dharma) given by Maharaj-Swami, with increased unity among ourselves and our families and by staying away from weakening thoughts of abhaav-avgun, by overcoming our own swabhaavs and ultimately through development of utmost satsang-nishta within us. If we perform all satsang sevas by being "das na das" and "just to please Maharaj & Swami"  we can surely become the "Mer" (the prime bead) of Shreeji Maharaj's mala  was the central thread running throughout Pujya Mahant Swami's blessings. Pujya Atmatrupt Swami also enlightened shibir participants on additional subjects like importance of satsang reading, challenges in life, importance of aagna and realizing the colossal effort put in by our Guru Parampara for the development of the satsang.

A number of practical workshops organized along with various sessions provided experience-sharing and learning avenues to all the participants. Most important of these was the "Niyam-Grahan" workshop in which haribhaktos took vows to please Swamibapa.

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