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H.D.H. Pramukh Swami Maharaj in His last vicharan of USA had put emphasis and focus on 2 things for all karyakars: depth in satsang and developing aatmiyata among satsangis. Since that moment, all the saints continuously motivated all the karyakars towards those objectives through their extensive vicharan.

From 63 centers throughout the United States and Canada, more than 490 Satsang Network Karyakars, Sabha Karyakars, Regional Coordinators and Mahila Karyakars attended this convention at Washington Mandir. The purpose of the convention was to guide the karykars on how to improve personally and in fulfilling their respective service responsibility. Convention also served the purpose of emphasizing importance of national integrity.

P. Yagnavallabh Swami inaugurated the convention on April 20 with Dip Pragataya. Reading of Swamishri's aashirwaad letter immediately followed this, a copy of which was given to all participants.Swamishri has emphasized on five points in his letter: Niyam-dharma, time management for personal satsang and seva, do seva as guided by national office and local coordinators, develop parasabhas and remote centers, help each other with atmiyata and contact new devotees visiting our temples.

The convention agenda included a combination of trainings, workshops, motivational speeches and platform to share experiences.

Various training like katha nirupan, sabha sanchalan, personal contact, parasabha development, remote center development. Roles and responsibilities of different karyakars were explained in these trainings.
Well-prepared matter for above trainings was distributed to all for their future reference.
Workshops and session to share inspirational experiences of karyakars were arranged to develop atmiyata and mahima.
Motivational speeches on Asmita, Ideal Karyakar Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Time Management & Niyam-dharma were given by Saints.

Morning session included motivational speeches followed by common trainings like katha nirupan and personal contact. Other trainings were given in separate classrooms for sabha, parasabha and regional coordinators. Workshops were arranged in afternoon session, which included goshti and teamwork workshops. A special book providing guidance on 'Satsang Goshti' was inaugurated and distributed to relevant karyakars for starting regular Satsang Goshti in each centers. Evening program included drama and session to share inspiration experiences.

All programs were made interesting by using multi-media presentations and making it interactive. All saints and members of Satsang Development Cell had put in hard efforts for the success of this convention.

Volunteers of Washington Center made excellent arrangements like transportation, accommodations and food for all the participants. They also worked hard to setup classrooms and meeting rooms with audio and video projection capabilities.

In the end 264 male-female karyakars took 466 different niyams to develop their personal satsang. The climax of the convention was live blessings by Swamishri over the phone. He focused on need to improve as karyakar, use the guidance obtained from this convention to develop satsang mandals and time management for seva.  

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