With the bicentenary of the Swaminarayan Mahamantra less than 3 years away, it was thought appropriate to base the shibir on the life and work of Lord Swaminarayan.

Aims of the Shibir

  • To help the kishores and kishoris gain a better understanding of Shreeji Maharaj's life and work.
  • To strengthen their pride as a follower of Lord Swaminarayan.
  • To bring an awareness of the importance and power of the Swaminarayan Mahamantra.
  • To reinforce the understanding that Shreeji Maharaj is ever present on earth through the Satpurush
  • Within this framework, the shibir was divided into three sections: Historicity, Divinity, and Eternity. Topics relevant each section were presented in two ways:

1.Classroom sessions: kishores and kishoris were divided, according to age, into six groups. Each group rotated through the six topics, which were conducted by the sadhus. The topics of the six classroom sessions were:

  • Swaminarayan Scriptures
  • Swaminarayan Mandirs
  • Swaminarayan Traditions
  • Lord Swaminarayan's Teachings
  • Lord Swaminarayan on Family Values
  • Five Vows For Bhaktas

2. Auditorium sessions: All participants were addressed by the speakers in the main auditorium. The shibir started at 2.00pm on Friday 2 April and ended at 2.00pm on Sunday 4 April.
There were four sessions throughout the shibir. The program also included other activities such as a culture night, Janmotsav (celebrating the birthday of Lord Swaminarayan ) and Sports.


Kishores and Kishoris from:
Milton Keynes
and also centres in France, Portugal and Belgium.
650 kishores and kishoris

Shibir Success

  • Many kishores vowed to apply the tilak-chandlo regularly.
  • Many kishores/kishoris were inspired to perfect their daily personal puja.
  • Some kishores/kishoris resolved to read the Vachanamrutam daily.
  • Many kishores/kishoris resolved to visit the mandir regularly.
  • Many kishores/kishoris pledged to regularly attend the weekly assembly.
  • Many kishores/kishoris pledged not to eat meat.
  • Many kishores/kishoris were inspired to adhere staunchly to their niyams.

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