Vicharan Report

During Swamishri’s evening Jharukho darshan, an interesting game was played between Swamishri and the devotees gathered before him in the mandir compound. For each question asked, the devotees had to answer by raising a corresponding coloured card of the three options given.
Then Swamishri was asked to show his answer to each question by raising a coloured card.
The questions, options and Swamishri’s answers are as follows:
1. Question: Which is the principal means to become free of base instincts (doshas)?
Options: Self introspection, austerity or having nirdosh buddhi for the Satpurush (i.e. to believe the Satpurush to be pure and divine.)
Swamishri’s answer: Nirdosh buddhi in the Satpurush.
2. Question: What spiritual thought should we engage in every day?
Options: To contemplate on one’s atma, engage in sankhya vichar (that everything material is temporary and full of misery and pain) or think about how to please God and his Sadhu.
Swamishri: To please God and his Sadhu.
3. Question: Which festival do you like the most?
Options: Pushpadolotsav, Vasant Panchmi or Diwali.
Swamishri: Vasant Panchmi, because it is guru Shastriji Maharaj’s birthday.
4. Question: If you were to give an agna (command) to someone, which one would you give from the following three.
Options: Daily darshan of mandir, daily ghar sabha or fast on ekadashi.
Swamishri: Swamishri raised all the three cards saying that all three were important to follow.
5. Question: Swamishri, when you shower your joy upon us which one thing would we be blessed with?
Options: Inexhaustible wealth, all types of happiness in samsara (world) or Akshar­dham.
Swamishri: Akshardham.
Finally, the presenter of the game prayed to Swamishri on behalf of all that they all be able to follow his wishes and thus be blessed with spiritual happiness.

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