Vicharan Report

Meeting a veteran devotee
28 January 2010, Vadodara

Swamishri was on his way in his golf cart to perform his morning puja on the grounds opposite the mandir in Atladra. Hundreds of devotees had lined up on both sides of his pathway for darshan. While exiting the main gate of the mandir, Swamishri saw an old devotee, Natubhai of Jaspur village, seated on a chair on one side. Swamishri started saying, “Stop the cart.” But because Swamishri’s seat was closed on four sides with acrylic sheets no one could hear him. Still Swamishri kept on repeating, “Stop the Cart.” A few moments later some sadhus noticed that Swamishri was saying something. They stopped the cart and Swamishri expressed his wish to meet Natubhai. Someone tried to call Natubhai to Swamishri, but because of the heavy rush it was not possible for Natubhai to come through. So, Swamishri instructed the driver to take his cart back to where Natubhai was sitting. On reaching Natubhai the latter started singing Swami’s glory with gusto, “Swami-Shriji jinke hriday me so kachhu karma kare na kare...” Then Natubhai placed his two hands on the acrylic sheet. In response Swamishri bent sideways and placed both his hands on the acrylic opposite Natubhai’s hands. In this way Swamishri met him and expressed his care and love for him. Natubhai was simply amazed at Swamishri’s love and attention for him.

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