Vicharan Report

3 January 2010 (VS 2066, Vad Trij ) Sunday, Nadiad, Kishore Day
The evening assembly at the BAPS mandir celebrated Kishore Day. The assembly was themed on “Tamara Snehal Sathvara”, meaning “Your Loving Support”.
A drama written by Jnanratna Swami, “Katha Manavini, Vyatha Manavini”, meaning “The Story of People, the Miseries of People”, was performed by kishores of Nadiad mandal. Thereafter Swamishri was honoured with garlands by senior sadhus. In conclusion, Swamishri blessed the assembly, “Leading a life of faith in God affords us happiness and goodness. We find that some people stray due to bad company. One starts drinking and feels very good and becomes oblivious of the world. When liquor influences one in such a way then the power of bhakti to God will also reform you. But, one must have faith and trust in him.” 

Swamishri’s Humility
2 January 2010, Nadiad

Swamishri was on his way to his morning puja in the mandir premises. Alongside his pathway, a couple of APC hostel students were discussing among themselves. When Swamishri came by, one of them asked, “My friend was saying that you are Shriji Maharaj and another was saying that you are Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Who are you?”
Without a moment’s hesitation Swamishri replied, “I am a sadhu. I am a servant (das) of Shriji Maharaj.”

Lessons in Public Service
3 January 2010, Nadiad

Two members of Gujarat’s Legislative Assembly (MLA) came for Swamishri’s blessings. Swamishri honoured them and advised, “You have been elected to render public service. Do your work as a public servant (sevak). And you are young, so do not do your duties in haste, but with peace and patience.”
Swamishri briefly explained about how an official should ideally render service to society.

Meeting a Veteran Devotee
5 January 2010, Nadiad

Swamishri was returning to his residence after doing his morning puja in the mandir hall. Hundreds of young and old devotees were seated and standing with discipline on either side of his pathway. On seeing Dayabhai Sarkar, a veteran and senior devotee, seated in a wheel chair, Swamishri instructed his attendant sadhu to steer his wheelchair to him. Swamishri met Dayabhai and asked, “How are you? Are you able to do bhajan?”
After the brief personal meeting, Swamishri proceeded towards his residence. Dayabhai was moved by Swamishri’s care for him.
Many times Swamishri goes out of his way to meet old and ailing devotees. He appreciates them and remembers them for their services to Satsang.

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