Vicharan Reports

 Yuva Din: 4 January 2009, Surat
A youth came for Swamishri’s darshan and blessings. He harboured a desire to become famous through notorious acts. Swamishri restrained him, “You should not earn a name in that manner. Live a value-based life and in obedience to society’s rules and regulations. Obey the disciplines prescribed by our shastras and preserve satsang  in your life. Earn a name by being a good devotee. By being rowdy and rough you may get things done but then you’ll have no peace. Refrain from addictions. Do not create commotion at home. Pledge that you will not make anyone unhappy and miserable.”
Swamishri inspired the youth with  positive attitude and energy.

Samuh Vartman Vidhi, Surat

Poshi Punam and Bal Din

11 January 2009 (VS 2065, Poshi Punam) 200th Diksha Anniversary of Gunatitanand Swami, Surat
More than 10,000 devotees had pilgrimaged by foot from different suburbs to the mandir for Swamishri’s morning puja darshan. Children sang bhajans, presented a speech and story, recited Swamini Vato and performed a skit in Swamishri’s puja.

In the evening satsang assembly more than 35,000 devotees were present. The assembly programme was themed upon the ‘Future of BAPS’ and presented by BAPS children and youths. Finally, Swamishri blessed the mammoth assembly, “In everything one requires faith in God and trust in a bona fide sadhu. With that one can achieve the impossible. Who had thought that science would advance so rapidly? However, we see planes flying in the air. God is the father of science. He has a broad vision to liberate countless souls. Yogiji Maharaj so wished and satsang flourished in India and abroad. When he spoke one felt it was not possible, but we see it to be a reality today. Yogiji Maharaj had noble thoughts…”

Samuh Vartman Vidhi

14 January 2009 (V.S. 2065 ) Uttarayan, Surat
The evening assembly was in celebration of Uttarayan. Traditionally, it is a day of kite-flying and donations. But with the severe economic recession in the diamond houses thousands were affected. Bearing the financial hardship of devotees in mind Swamishri had instructed that no arrangements for receiving donations be made and that only a satsang assembly would be arranged.

A drama, ‘Guru Dakshina’, on the theme of faith and sacrifice for God, scripted by Jayendra Vinchhi, was performed  by youths. A new publication, Prasangam, was inaugurated by Swamishri. Swamishri also blessed Narayanprasad Swami for achieving the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in the faculty of art. Thereafter Swamishri was garlanded by senior sadhus. Finally, Swamishri blessed the assembly, “Man does not know of the glory of God and thus does not become a recipient of his power. Such a beautiful world he has created. His creation cannot be totally understood through our intelligence. Science has made great advancements, but it cannot create what God has done. So, one who becomes a devotee becomes a recipient of God’s power…”

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