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For the sake of one’s child
15 May 2009, Mumbai
A father and son came for Swamishri’s darshan and blessings. The son was of a tender age. His father was habituated to drinking alcohol. Swamishri asked him, “How would you feel if your son started drinking?” The father remained silent. Swamishri asked the child, “What does your father drink?” Before the boy could answer his father averred, “He doesn’t know as yet?” Swamishri picked up his words and advised, “When he comes to know and starts drinking, how will you react?” Give it up for the sake of your child. There is no need to drink liquor at all. Everything other than eating, praying to God and looking after one’s responsibilities is wasteful.”Swamishri’s words produced a desirable effect.

17 May 2009 (VS 2065, Vad Atham) Sunday, Mumbai
For the convenience of devotees, today’s evening satsang assembly was dedicated to celebrating Yogiji Maharaj’s birthday. During this symbolic celebration, sadhus initiated by Yogiji Maharaj, namely, Premprakash Swami, Viveksagar Swami and Kothari Swami, recollected their experiences about Yogiji Maharaj. This was followed by a video show on Yogiji Maharaj. Finally, Swamishri blessed the devotees, “Yogiji Maharaj was a divine person. One would always find him smiling, showering love and compassion, and brimming with joy. By remembering him our miseries and pains disappear.” In conclusion Swamishri was honoured with garlands by senior sadhus.

21 May 2009 (VS 2065, Vad Baras) Thusday, Mumbai
Swamishri blessed Bhadresh Swami for writing ‘Swaminarayan Bhashyam’, a commentary on the Brahmasutra. Thereafter Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha rituals of puja and arti of murtis for BAPS hari mandir in Algadh, Surat district.

24 May 2009 (VS 2065, Darsh Amas) Sunday, Mumbai
The evening satsang assembly was dedicated to the celebration of Swamishri’s symbolic 60th anniversary as the president of the BAPS. Several sadhus narrated incidents about Swamishri’s saintliness and other virtues. Then a video on Swamishri was shown. Viveksagar Swami discoursed on Swamishri’s saintliness and Herculean efforts for the growth of Satsang. Thereafter, children and teenagers performed a traditional dance. Then a drama written by Adarshjivan Swami was enacted. The celebration assembly closed with Swamishri’s blessings, “We are all making efforts together in Satsang – youth volunteers, sadhus and devotees. I offer my vandan to all. I see in you all sentiments of dedication and sacrifice. The reason for this is that Yogiji Maharaj had visited here often, and blessed you with his divine joy, discourses and love. Whatever is accomplished in the Sanstha is due to the glory of Shastriji Maharaj and the wish of Yogiji Maharaj. Shriji Maharaj had said that without his will a dry leaf can not be moved.”
Swamishri released a memorial publication, ‘Smruti’, depicting the history of Mumbai Satsang Mandal. Thereafter Swamishri was honoured with garlands and a flower shawl by senior sadhus.

27 May 2009 (VS 2065, Sud Trij-Choth Pramukh Varni Din) Wednesday, Mumbai
Today was the official 60th Pramukh Varni Din – the day Shastriji Maharaj appointed Swamishri as the president of the BAPS. Bhajans about the glory of Swamishri were sung by sadhus during his puja. Thereafter, senior sadhus honoured Swamishri with garlands and shawls.
Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha rituals of pujan and arti of murtis for BAPS hari mandirs in Barshi, Dahanu, Jamge, Nanded and Kankrali.

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