Vicharan Reports

22 November 2009 (VS 2066, Sud Pancham) Sunday, Bochasan

Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha rituals of the murtis for new BAPS hari mandirs in Charvi (Vansda district, Navsari), Jamalpor (Navsari region) and Nimeta (Vadodara rural region).

Faith in god
19 November 2009, Bochasan

In a telephone conversation with Swamishri a devotee asked for guidance, “My relative’s daughter likes a boy and wishes to marry him. The boy too has agreed. But the astrologer has forecasted that their marriage will break up after three months. What should we do?”
Swamishri blessed the devotee, “Since you have firm faith in Shriji Maharaj chant the Janmangal paath five times every day. Any obstacle will be resolved. Everything will work out well. Chant Swaminarayan namaha, Sahajanandaya namaha. Have faith and trust and proceed ahead with their engagement and marriage.”
Swamishri liberates devotees from obstacles by virtue of their firm faith in and prayers to God.

Five pledges
21 November 2009, Bochasan

A devotee from Los Angeles asked Swamishri through a fax, “I do my puja daily, but to make me feel that you are with me give me five pledges to follow. I will observe them unfailingly.”

Key to resolving worldy desires
23 November 2009, Bochasan

An aspirant requested Swamishri, “Bless me that my inner faults and nature get dissolved.” Swamishri replied briefly, “Read the Vachanamrut and Swamini Vato daily.”

Faith and bhajan
23 November 2009, Bochasan

Swamishri was reading a fax from a devotee in America: Since the last eight years he has being going through severe trials at work, business and in other areas of life. He is facing a financial crisis. Physically and mentally he is going through one torturous problem after another. Swamishri was moved and said, “He is going through a severe test!” He blessed him, “It has pained me to know that you are facing problems in your business and personal life. You and your entire family have firm faith, understanding and satsang. Devotees of the past had unshaking refuge in God, yet they had to go through obstacles and suffering. So, be patient and do bhajan. Shriji Maharaj is the all-doer, and whatever he does is for your good. Maharaj will do good for you.”Swamishri sympathized with him and consolidated his patience and spiritual faith. 

89th Birthday Celebration of Pramukh Swami Maharaj,Bochasan
25 November 2009 (VS 2066) Wednesday, Bochasan

Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s 89th Birth Celebration: Swamishri’s 89th birthday was celebrated on a small festive and devotional scale. (Details: Swaminarayan Bliss, December 2009, p.23).

 27 November 2009 (VS 2066, Sud Dasham) Friday, Bochasan

Swamishri consecrated the murtis for the new BAPS hari mandirs in Amalsadi and Sarbhan with rituals of pujan and arti.

27 November 2009 (VS 2066, Sud Dasham) Friday, Bochasan
Swamishri consecrated the murtis for the new BAPS hari mandirs in Amalsadi and Sarbhan with rituals of pujan and arti.

3 December 2009, Bochasan
A devotee phoned Swamishri and requested, “Do come and liberate me at the time of my death.”
Swamishri replied, “Have refuge (ashro) in God and do bhajan. Maharaj will come to liberate you.”
Bhagwan Swaminarayan has promised that he would personally come to liberate his devotees at the time of death and take the soul to his abode, Akshardham. To attain this Swamishri guided a devotee to have firm faith and refuge in God and always remember him.

2 December 2009 (VS 2066, Akshar Purnima ) Wednesday, Bochasan

Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha rituals of murtis for BAPS hari mandirs in Pipalav, Verakhadi and Boriya. He also performed the re-pratishtha rituals of the murtis of Akshar-Purushottam Maharaj for the hari mandir in Jitodiya.

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