Vicharan Reports


1 May 2008 (V.S. 2064, Chaitra Vad Dasham )
In the pradakshina of the Yagnapurush Smruti mandir Swamishri blessed the new batch of youths whose six-month course in the Youth Training centre was beginning today.


5 May 2008, (V.S. 2064, Vad Amas)
The mukhi (town Chief) of Kokhra Mahemdabad came to meet Swamishri in the morning. His status was acquired by heredity. However, for six generations, family members had been devastated by addiction to alcohol. One month ago, when the mukhi had come for darshan, Swamishri had told him, “Give up alcohol.” From that day he had not drank at all. When he quit drinking, his family members also found it strange since drinking alcohol was a family norm. But the mukhi remained firm. Today he pledged to Swamishri, “Now, even if my throat is cut, I will never take even a drop of alcohol.” Swamishri said “God will be greatly pleased with you.”

92 Patotsav of Sarangpur Mandir


10 May 2008, 92nd Patotsav of Sarangpur Mandir, (V.S. 2064, Sud Chhath)
Today marked the 92nd patotsav of Sarangpur mandir. The patotsav rituals of the murtis of pujan and abhishek in all five shrines began after mangala arti. After these Vedic rituals, an annakut was offered in each shrine. Swamishri then performed the patotsav arti. After puja, Swamishri blessed the assembly, “The patotsav has been well celebrated today with arti, pujan, bhajan and kirtan. Every year the patotsav is held with all rituals. Some people say that it is because God’s powers have decreased. But God’s powers do not decrease; ours do. That is why we have to perform pujan. God is divine and his divinity never decreases. But this is done so that our bhakti and affection for God increases, we experience peace in life and our satsang increases.” Then Swamishri read Vachanamrut Sarangpur-7 and explained, “Our mind is constantly wandering; it never remains still. Just like a monkey is always roaming, so is the mind. It flirts from one thought to another. It travels abroad – without a plane, ticket or passport – and returns. But where the thoughts of the mind become calm is known as Naimisharanya Kshetra. Where our senses, worldly thoughts and desires are destroyed is known as Naimisharanya Kshetra. “Where is Naimisharanya Kshetra? It is wherever the ekantik Sadhu of God is…. By associating with such a Satpurush, no attachment to worldly objects remains.”

11 May 2008 (V.S. 2064, Sud Satam)
In the morning, the vice-chancellor of Somnath Sanskrit Vidyalay, Shri Pankajbhai Jani, and university advisor, Shri Rajendrabhai Nanavati, came for Swamishri’s darshan and blessings. They were very impressed by the Sanskrit pathshalas run by BAPS, and had granted AARSH in Gandhinagar affiliation to Somnath University. They also discussed the ‘Swaminarayan Vedant Darshan’ course to be launched by the University.

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