Vicharan Reports


During his stay in Amdavad Swamishri performed his morning puja in public. Prior to that devotees availed of a spiritual discourse. Every Sunday evening Swamishri blessed the congregation.
Besides this Swamishri remained engaged in meetings, letter writing and personal counseling during the day.

18 January 2007 (VS 2063, Posh vad 14) Thursday, Amdavad
After his morning puja, Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha rituals of pujan and arti of Shri Akshar-Purushottam Maharaj and Guru Parampara for the BAPS kutir mandir in Kadodaria, Banaskantha district.


20 January 2006 (V.S. 2063, Maha sud 1) Saturday, Amdavad
This afternoon Swamishri's 35-day EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) treatment was completed. Swamishri’s cardiac results were better than before.

Swamishri performs murti-pratishtha for the BAPS hari mandirs of USA

21 January 2007, (V.S. 2063, Maha sud 2) Sunday, Amdavad

Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha rituals of murtis for BAPS hari mandirs in Virginia and Piscatway, USA.


22 January 2006 (V.S. 2063, Maha sud 4) Monday, Amdavad, Gondal
Swamishri performed his morning puja earlier than usual. At 8.50 am he departed by car from Amdavad and arrived in Gondal at 11.40 am. When Swamishri’s car entered the mandir precincts devotees and students of BAPS Gurukul waved flags to welcome and honour him. After Thakorji’s darshan, Swamishri attended the brief assembly.
In the evening assembly Swamishri blessed, “It is a great pleasure to have come home and have the darshan of Akshar Deri. Gunatitanand Swami desired to make all gunatit and explain the glory of Shriji Maharaj, and nothing more than that. The gurus had come to consolidate faith in God, satsang and spiritual glory in everyone’s life. They did not come to give anything of this world. Through effort and one’s prarabdh one attains things of this world. However the Sadhu is compassionate and he blesses one with the happiness of this world and the one beyond, providing one does satsang with a pure heart and without any expectations.”



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