Vicharan Reports

16 August 2007 (V.S. 2063, Shravan sud 3) Edison, Atlanta

At 9.10 am Swamishri departed from Edison and landed in Atlanta at 12.13 pm. As Swamishri’s car entered the precincts of Atlanta mandir, devotees and volunteers welcomed him with proclamations of ‘jais’, and the youths performed a ‘bhangda’ dance.
In the evening the Mayor of Lilburn city, Hon. Jack Bolton, honoured Swamishri with a Key to the City and a proclamation. The Chief of Police, Mr John Davidson, also warmly welcomed Swamishri. In the assembly Mayor Jack Bolton said, “We have watched with awe as this beautiful mandir has risen from the ground. We cannot help but be inspired by the beauty, the artistry, and the craftsmanship that has gone into this structure. We commend the BAPS for their hard work and dedication to the task that has resulted in this magnificent mandir being opened in just eighteen months. To commemorate this day, we would like to present a proclamation to His Divine Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj from the city of Lilburn.”

18 August 2007 (V.S. 2063, Shravan sud 5) Saturday, Atlanta; Kishore-Kishori Day

The evening satsang assembly was themed ‘Trust – the World’s Breath’. When Swamishri arrived in the assembly the kishores performed a welcome dance. After a kirtan related to youths, a poem on trust was read. In conclusion Swamishri blessed all, “In this world (samsar) one studies and attains material progress, but this does not help one at the time of death and to attain God’s divine abode. For that one needs to have trust in God – that he is the all-doer. It is because of him that all things are accomplished. Today we find that all countries of the world have progressed. And we believe that this progress achieved is due to our planning, effort and research. But if one thinks profoundly then one will find that it is due to God that everything is accomplished. The reason is because he resides within us. He resides in all, in all living things – this trust one must develop in life.”

19 August 2007 (V.S. 2063, Shravan sud 6) Sunday, Atlanta; Bal-Balika Day

In the evening assembly a drama on ‘Vande Mataram’ was performed. Thereafter Swamishri blessed the special Bal-Balika Day assembly, “In today’s times we feel troubled  about our children and  teenagers. There is a big problem about how to impart values to them? Along with your job or business if you do not take care of your children, who are equal to wealth, then you will not be happy with the money you earn. Today people forget values  because of their wealth and luxuries. Because  of no cultural values taught in schools the lives of teenagers have become strange and odd. Eating habits, love relationships and marriage without consulting parents take place. So it is the great duty and responsibility of parents not to forget their values and culture.”

22 August 2007 (V.S. 2063, Shravan sud 9) Wednesday, Atlanta; Vastu Pravesh

Prior to the vastu pravesh ritual ceremony (sanctification of mandir) Swamishri performed pujan of the kalashes and flagstaffs and then showered rice grains and flowers and performed arti. Thereafter the vastu pravesh rituals were performed beneath the mandir done by Tyagvallabh Swami, Ishwarcharan Swami, Viveksagar Swami and senior devotees.


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