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19 July 2006 (VS 2062, Ashadh vad 9) Wednesday, Bochasan, Atladra
In the evening satsang assembly Viveksagar Swami commenced his discourses on the Chhandogya Upanishad. The Mayor of Vadodara, Shri Sunilbhai Solanki, garlanded and honoured Swamishri. Thereafter Swamishri addressed the assembly, “Your goal should be to realize God. You do all your duties, but the principle goal should be to attain God. While flying a plane the pilot may look here and there, but as long as the direction on the compass is maintained the plane will reach its destination. The compass is important. But who made the plane? Man. And who gave man the power to invent it. God has given man intelligence. We are all impressed with the computer. But we have the original computer in our head. God runs that computer. It is he who inspires us. Whatever good that we do is inspired by God, and whatever bad that we do is due to our karmas. God never does wrong to anyone. He has given us this human birth to do good for all.”

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