Vicharan Reports

7 December 2006 (V.S. 2063, Magshar vad 3) Thursday, Anand
Swamishri performed the arti of Thakorji on the occasion of Anand mandir’s seventh consecration anniversary (patostav). In the evening Swamishri performed arti of Thakorji at Akshar Purushottam Chhatralay, Vidyanagar, on the occasion of its consecration anniversary (patotsav). This was followed by a celebration of Swamishri’s birthday according to the English date at Akshar Farm. Viveksagar Swami discoursed on Swamishri’s saintliness. BAPS children and youth performed a traditional dance. Thereafter senior sadhus garlanded Swamishri. Finally Swamishri blessed the assembly, “Today we have celebrated the patotsav. Whatever bhakti we do for God is divine, because God is divine. There is not an iota of maya in him. His speech, walking, travelling, or whatever he does is divine. He is the form of bliss. Doing his darshan, listening to his talks, sitting besides him gives happiness. He is the abode of happiness. Such is his glory. It is because of him that we are celebrating today. Whatever we do for him will become our means to reach his abode. So celebrate such festivals, engage oneself in his darshan and listen to spiritual discourses. This will give peace within.”
Finally all the devotees performed arti and dispersed after having mahaprasad.

11 December 2006 (V.S. 2063, Magshar vad 7) Monday, Anand, Mahelav
Swamishri departed from Anand and arrived in Mahelav at 11.55 pm. Swamishri went straight to Shastriji Maharaj’s birthplace for darshan. After performing dandvats Swamishri sat down before the murti of Shastriji Maharaj and prayed. Thereafter Swamishri went for darshan of the shrine where Dungar Bhakta had narrated the Mahabharat katha.
In the evening assembly Viveksagar Swami discoursed on ‘Akshardham – One Goal’. Then children and teenagers of Mahelav performed a traditional welcome dance. In conclusion Swamishri blessed the congregation, “Mahelav is a great holy place. It has been sanctified by Maharaj. Maharaj stayed here with his sadhus and devotees whenever he travelled from Gadhada to Vartal. Furthermore you are all blessed because Shastriji Maharaj, who enshrined the principle of Akshar and Purushottam in mandirs, was born here.”

14 December 2006 (V.S. 2063, Magshar vad 9) Thursday, Mahelav, Piplata, Amdavad
During late afternoon Swamishri departed from Mahelav and arrived in Piplata to perform pujan and arti of the murtis. After blessing the devotees Swamishri left at 5.45 pm and arrived at Amdavad mandir at 6.35 pm.

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